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      Re: Death Free to Play leveling guide

      I'm not F2P but looking for a death leveling guide. Would these suggestions still be useful?
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      Re: Death Free to Play leveling guide

      This is great, if you decide to go without crowns regardless of how you got those crowns.

      If you just want to play as much of the game as possible, nowadays you could simply use some of that grinding time to play the KI trivia game, which can earn you 100 crowns per day on one account. You cannot transfer crowns between accounts, but you can gift things to yourself, so if you play the KI trivia on two accounts, you get 100 + 100 crowns per day. On you main account you could save for game areas, and on your secondary account you could save for packs, gear, pets or other stuff in the crown shop.

      I suggest getting to Krokotopia as soon as posible, for access to new quests and some important gardening spells. That's a total of 2415 crowns, which means about 24 days of playing the trivia games. I must say that, when you get good enough with at least 10 games, you can gain your 100 crowns in littler over 15 minutes.

      Now if you want to, you can do the same on your other account, and think of what you could buy with 2400 crowns ;p

      In the mean time, of course, you can try to play Trial of the Spheres on Grubb Guardian, which gives you even more crowns items for free (you can get about 2 packs per 20 games, either Wyvern's or Dragon's). Although for a smooth ride with Grubb Guardian, I suggest investing some crowns in the Wysteria map pack (from the crowns you earned in the Trivia Games), and some training for a Life pet - any life pet. The higher level it gets, the better for your Grubb Guardian games. This is the case because the Life towers are the most expensive - and most universally useful, so starting off with one saves you silver and helps you earn gold medals more easily.

      Also, you want to start a garden as soon as possible, for megasnacks and for gold. Now you either wait until you get enough crowns for Evil Magma Peas seeds, or you buy Prickly Bear Cacti (since you now have access to the gardening spells from Krok), which provide you both with sellable small snacks, and with a chance to fat megasnacks. Perhaps you should get access to Grizzleheim's Savarstaad Pass as soon as you can (it's the first area in GH), so you can farm for Couch Potatoes. Boy do those plants save you a lot of trouble.

      And then you try to put a better pet together, through hatching, which will require a lot of gold and megasnacks. But it can be done, once you have a good garden set up.

      And in principle you could go on like this forever - except, of course, that area pricing will go higher and higher and demand more and more days of Trivia games (about 10 days per area for Krok, 12 days for Marleybone and Mooshu...), and that the Trivia games can get darn boring. So there are several thing you could do, if you decide to go to work in this game, and for no real money (although don't kid yourself, lots of time will still be lost, and that's another essential real-life resource; the most important one, some would say...). You should just pick your poison - what bores you less, endless XP farming or endless KI trivia game play?

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      Re: Death Free to Play leveling guide

      Great guide this will be really helpful for the people that can't get a subscription.

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        •  HeckHound
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      Re: Death Free to Play leveling guide

      Quote Originally Posted by <strong>sharpfangjr View Post
      I'm not F2P but looking for a death leveling guide. Would these suggestions still be useful?
      In my (not so) humble opinion, if you aren't Free To Play, this guide is likely to be totally useless to you, as any experience you get from questing is leagues higher than anything you could ever hope to get just battling.

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