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      Level 42 Balanece deck?

      I just hit level 42 as a balance wizard. Meaning I got all spells up to that point.

      Also I used my training points as followed:
      Death up to Feint
      Ice up to Tower

      So how should I set up my deck from this point? I'm about to go into Dragonspyre so I'll need it mostly for leveling purposes.

      Thanks for the help
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      Re: Level 42 Balanece deck?

      Hmm. Well, for DS I go with Feint (For Bosses), Towers, Hex, Balanceblade and Judge. I usted to do something like this for mobs:
      First Enemy - Spectral Blast
      Second Enemy - Judgment
      That way you get any leftover pips for the Judgment second round, I find this not as helpful in DS due to the fact you almost have to get Storm to defeat them in one hit. Hydra with a Balanceblade/Bladestorm is also helpful too, but that might not be such a great idea as you could probably just use a Judgment at that point. I usually Max Judge my bosses, worked really well for me. Bad part about the Judges is if you fizzle you have to waste another pip, and with all the gear boots and such it's hard to know when exactly you need to use it. Try experimenting with a few of these on smaller mobs and see how it works for you.

      Good luck and have fun in Dragonspyre!
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      Re: Level 42 Balanece deck?

      well i would go for infection from the death tree. then for the astral schools save up for amplify, then go up to gargantuan
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      Re: Level 42 Balanece deck?

      Well, I'll give you the deck I used to get through DS:

      2x Balance Blade
      2x Feint
      2x Helping Hands
      2x Judgement
      2x Hex
      1x Reshuffle

      I'm pretty sure this is (or is close to) the deck I used. Also I used to pack 2 Reshuffle before they changed it to recycle itself, so that cut it down by 1 spell. Later on, I took out reshuffle all together for street fights when I was comfortable with the deck, as I learned roughly how many pips Judgement needed to knock out a DS monster (easier now though since they lowered all their Hp).

      This deck should get you through all of DS, with adding some spells in and out for the various bosses you'll face on the way. If you feel you need shields, add some shields in, just make sure you keep it around the 10-14 spell range, that's more than enough for any mob in DS. You may add/subtract any number of spells from this deck, but remember to keep it slim.

      Also, I would make a separate deck for Balance monsters:

      2x Feint
      2x Balance Blade
      2x Helping Hands
      2x Hex
      3x Spectral Blast
      1x Elemental Blade
      1x Reshuffle (had 2, but again, they changed Reshuffle to recycle itself)

      This deck is more open to personal customization, as different people have different tastes on this type of deck. Just remember to keep it trim, 14 spells max is more than enough for DS, least in my experience with it.

      Take my advice with a grain of salt, what worked for me may not work that well for you, as this type of deck requires discipline and keeping your cool under pressure. It's scary using a deck this small, but once you get the hang of it, it's a weapon like no other.

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