I posted this in the Life wizard section a few days ago since it was more for life wizards but doesnt seem like to many people post in there compared to here. Since it is a post about pets I moved it here to see what people think.

I been thinking what talents I would be good for a Life wizard. You could argue that the best talents for any wizard would be:

-Spell Proof
-Spell Defy
-Pierce Train
-Pain Giver

I see people looking for the talents listed above more then every other talent. Based on what kind of Life wizard you are (healing or damage) the talents above would help or not help you.

For a Life wizard that heals more Pain Giver and Spritely are a waste.

-Pain Giver would help if you did damage but if you are focused on healing the talent is not being used that much and you could use something a lot better and a lot more helpful.

-Spritely is a great talent but more and more I see my pet cast it while I have up Guiding Light up when I need to get a big heal out. So it might be a great talent it just hurts healing wizards more then it helps.

-Spell Proof and Spell Defy I see being the top 2 talents for healing wizards since we can resist more damage and wont have to heal as ourselves as much letting us heal others before healing ourselves.

-Peirce Train is good as well but it helps the team or group more then just yourself. It gives a chance to remove a shield from a opponent that would have saved him from the next attack.

So This either leaves us either 1 or 2 talents (if you dont like Pierce Train) that we can replace for a better more helpful talent.

So would talents would you put on your pet if you did not want Spritely or Pierce Train?

Thanks for reading.

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