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  1. Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, thru 1/25.

    I warned a while ago about the risks of allowing groups in BM and how they would disadvantage solo players. And today it happened.

    I just ended the most despicable run i ever had.

    So, I found...
  2. Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, thru 1/25.

    Just to add this time it's a spirit BM, at krokotopia maps.
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    Re: How Would You Make KI More Profitable

    Is this thread worth anything else but a talk? Whatever, here is the simple key to success:

    - the game needs consistency. I wrote a lot about this, but it means several things, from having a...
  4. Re: Balance Deckathalon, now thru Jan. 18th.

    I planned as usual to just go to the top and then move on, but as it happened last time, this one was the trickiest.

    This deckathalon is actually a little harder than last balance, since enemies...
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    Poll: Re: What is your favorite school?

    although i'm a balance wiz through and through, I'm going for moon - just because of fond memories of really funny moon PVP when it was a thing eons ago..
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    hidden changes in TC crafting?

    So I was working on a deck and wanted to add a couple rare cards.

    The first was snow drift, that I am almost positive I purchased in bazaar a while ago (wiki also says it's tradeable).

    I went...
  7. Re: Balance Deckathalon, now thru Jan. 18th.

    Go to any reagent vendor and sell them as a bunch, price 25 gold each.
  8. Re: how do you feel about KINGSISLE ENTERTAINMENT being bought out?

    Mixed feelings.

    Had a look both at MGI corporate website and their Gamigo offspring.

    MGI presents itself as a company that "purchase, restructure, develop" other companies. And they are proud...
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    Re: Has Myth gained a roll in team play?

    Remembering that game schools were made to accomodate different playing styles, and none of them has all advantages (although KI leveled down a lot of specific stuff to satisfy whining whales), Myth...
  10. Re: Balance Deckathalon, now thru Jan. 18th.

    Use a death deck if you have a higher level one, just add a balance jewel as def and you are set.

    (they are weak to balance & spirit).
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    Poll: Re: Dungeon Recall in Deckathalons

    I was wandering in the forums reading here and there and stumbled onto this thread again.

    As I do have a few minutes to kill, lemme add some oïl to the fire, chosing one of the many intelligent...
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    Poll: Re: Dungeon Recall in Deckathalons

    Since the introduction of will cast purposedly busted this event already, I don't see a problem in having this exploit available for the rather unskilled people that want to complete the tower...
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt Event, thru Jan. 11th.


    yeah, it happens.

    I think the opposing "team" (well rather an assembly of people, i'll daresay, it was pretty much "everyone for one self") was mine.

    I saw the wolf jump...
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    Re: I've Been BANNED For No Reason!

    You read them wrong.

    It's Crystal clear. But written in legal terms, of course.
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    Re: I've Been BANNED For No Reason!

    I have to say that in this case support has the righteous flame.

    One method to create fake accounts in general is to use a spambot to create fake emails on some domain where a mail server can be...
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    editing drop sources for a reagent


    so, today I battled Ixcax CursedWing, and she dropped a scorpion spellement. I was able to add the line to her drops, but then i went to the spellement page to add a link to her as a drop...
  17. Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, thru 12/28.

    I would heartly agree. If it wasn't for one single point of difference :

    When you go to the movies with kids, and an "adult" joke is done, the kid is having fun, they often don't even realize...
  18. Re: What do you think of Farley's gardening pack?

    so hum.. i don't know if i'm just crazy Lucky or if i'm reading things differently but:

    I first had a drop of a star seed when I was playing some events (deckathalon? maybe). That's when I...
  19. Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, thru 12/28.

    I still think that the timer is way too short.

    If you are playing with an 'expert' team, then there is no issue, everyone know what to do and how, and things go smooth, you can even finish with a...
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    Re: Where are the tritons?

    hum. Isn't atlantea full of tritons & triton-like stuff?
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    Re: What are you doing now?

    well I just dropped grendel's amend from Loremaster, which finally completes my collection of LM spells.

    Half of them farmed, the others crafted (funny enough, ALL useful ones had to be crafted)....
  22. Re: Permanent Reindeer Knight on Myth Wizard

    the easiest thing to do is to go farm loremaster for reindeer knight now, with your ice wizard, as it is the right time of the year and the spell drops fairly often.
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    Re: How is this possible?

    well I for one sell reagents whenever i see they are out of stock. But i sell 5, no more, to get max price.

    And if somebody has patience, they can make quite a lot of gold out of bazaar, selling...
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    Re: What's going on with critical?

    I'll try to give you a short but "understandable" answer.


    your crit decided the % chance you had to double hit, and opponent's block was a separate thing. You crit = you do 200%...
  25. Re: What should I do with all these ICE TC"S labeled NO PVP NOW?

    you could play PVE with those, or do deckathalon and stuff like that...
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