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  1. Re: Well that's a first....for me to see

    Anything over 999 in my backpack I tend to sell. Especially after harvesting my EMPs, I sell lots of pearls, aether, sandstone, sunstone, scrap iron, black lotus, etc. But I will say it doesn't help...
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    Re: A New Pet Thought

    Yup I remember years ago when they released a new arena ticket pet at Diego, and the intellect was 255. There was outcry, so they changed it back to 250.
  3. Re: What spells are you waiting for or want in game?

    Or an earthquake style spell you use on your allies and it mass cleanses all weaknesses and traps.
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    Re: Game Patch for Jan. 19, 2022.

    I 100% agree with you two. Online harassment will continue to thrive on KI's platforms if they don't take these issues more seriously. A 3 or 4 strike system would be more affective. But like Bailey...
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    Re: Game Patch for Jan. 19, 2022.

    Back when I did Transcendent PvP on my balance wizard 4-5 years ago, I was driven away from PvP due to the toxic nature of the Arena. Muted players back then easily could have went on alternate...
  6. Well that's a first....for me to see

    Started out with two pages. I kept on refreshing the reagents page only to see one or two reagents disappear each time...until this:

  7. Re: The Coven's Yuletide Stitch Contest - MULTIPLE Prizes

    If it's not labeled as "Santa _____" then it's good to use. And I'm keeping this contest short because I'll be out of town the week between xmas and new years so I won't be able to log in at all...
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    Re: Day 9 - Free Giveaway!

    They should at least give us an actual openable wrapped present in game and have us redeem the gift in game after interacting with the housing item. Maybe even have an animation of the wizard...
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    Re: Holiday Crowns Sale! Today only!

    I agree, we often share our distastes with KI about the lack of crown sales the last few years, but the one time they do it, it's deep in the holiday season unfortunately. Most people have already...
  10. The Coven's Yuletide Stitch Contest - MULTIPLE Prizes

    This Contest is now CLOSED for entries.
    Winners will be drawn before 9pm CST December 22, 2021.

    :XMasTree: The Coven's Yuletide Stitch Contest :cold:

    We're in the midst of Yuletide, and the...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Got my myth twins to level 146, just logged out at the underground bunker in sky city. It's definitely a lot more of a drag the fourth time running the world, since I already ran it 3 times on my...
  12. Re: Favorite Indoor area in the Spiral?

    The Raven Fortress of course. That's where my coven are planning their destruction of the watershed in didn't hear that.
  13. Re: "Seize the Season" Crowns Reward Event!

    Unfortunately the 25% off the online cart from the Black Friday sale at the end of November technically was a crowns sale since 25% off of $80 is $60. And same with the $100 for 80k, it would've been...
  14. Re: Anyone else keep losing connection today?

    I was farming with a couple people in the Hall of Heroes today and one of the players that was with us was having issues staying connected too. My computer has an ethernet cable connected directly to...
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    Re: Is the Update live or not?

    Check the post Willowdreamer made in THIS thread. Ambrose isn't up to our level anymore :lol:
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    Re: Favorite Places to Farm Reagents.

    This list includes the places I go to besides my gardens, just to name a few off the top of my head:

    Cat Tails and Water Lilies - Royal Museum outside the Big Ben sigil. The river behind the...
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    Re: Lady Cat is gone

    One of those people where you didn't know you needed her until she was gone. One of those people that kept the entire Central community sane and joyous. One of those people who was there to...
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    Re: "Pet Jewel Cards" Expansion

    As a Canadian I can say I've never heard of any of those stores :tt2:
  19. Poll: Re: Thoughts on the recently banned players?

    The similarity between Polaris, Mirage, and both parts of Empyrea (I can't recall if this was the case in Karamelle), is that the final fight was restricted for the first week or two of test realm. I...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Let's Talk New Spells

    I saw Blaze posted the spells on his channel, all the animations were great, but the ice one blew me out of the park. Seeing the lemurs rise through the trap doors, I was literally wheezing!...
  21. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Karamelle Cavity Chamber Final Dungeon

    Thanks again for the help :) I was able to team up for the last 4 wizards today so I'm now fully done Karamelle.
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    Re: Halloween Pack Bundle.

    I'm assuming someone in the marketing team thought that all packs (without doing more research) in this bundle are 399 because 399 x 12 is 4788 crowns. If anything they should have assumed all packs...
  23. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Karamelle Cavity Chamber Final Dungeon

    Yeah Dylan and I both did too, but I was able to advance thru with the quest. We're doing another run if you're up for it.
  24. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Karamelle Cavity Chamber Final Dungeon

    Yeah we just did my fire and death. Gonna be doing storm and life now. Still in kraken realm. Stephanie and Dakota are at the sigil
  25. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Karamelle Cavity Chamber Final Dungeon

    Ryan Suneyes for both.
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