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  1. Re: Most memorable part of the story? (Spoiler Alert I guess lol)

    I'll never forget the day our dearly beloved Dyvim nearly died

  2. Re: What bizarre npc animal do you want to see next??

    Brilliant idea! All of the royals and classist dogs should be changed to more representative weasels :001_tt2:
  3. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I found the Peppergrass Glen house on Castle Tours today and I was quite impressed! I love how the interior all connects to a central room with enchanting motes, and the Last Wood being represented...
  4. Re: What's the weirdest thing in the Spiral?

    I'll take Baba Yaga for 100, Alex.

    You are a true artisan with words, thank you for this accursed analogy!

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    Re: Ice Deckathalon

    Or you could use the 2nd Mark Cantrip and spend oodles of Energy and oodles of Crowns on Energy Elixirs!

    ..It's all starting to make sense now.

  6. Sticky: Re: Wizard101 Central PvP Rules Discussion Thread

    I would suggest banning Deckathalon decks and the new PvP gear from all tournaments.

    Deckathalon decks can provide insane bonuses, which are especially impactful at lower levels: Starting with an...
  7. Sticky: Poll: Re: What levels are YOU interested in for Central PvP?

    I've always been a fan of low level PvP. It's a lot more simple than any other level band and I find it much more enjoyable because of that! If Central does ever take on low level PvP, then I would...
  8. Re: "Welcome Kyle IceWielder - New Community Manager!"

    Welcome to Central Kyle! I've gotta say, it's nice to see more KI Staff joining us Centralites. Wizard101 Central isn't what it once was, which honestly makes this Player/Company connection even...
  9. Re: Possible New Way People are Scamming

    Don't twist my words. I have made it abundantly clear that I do not condone scammers, and although I fully recognize the possibility of what Baily Jade described devolving into a scam.. I try to...
  10. Re: Possible New Way People are Scamming

    I'm not trying to defend real scammers, nor do I suggest throwing caution to the wind. I'm just playing devil's advocate here since everybody has seemingly jumped on the bandwagon of assuming that...
  11. Re: Possible New Way People are Scamming

    Times have changed since the days of free mercenary groups, and power leveling is quite the valuable service! I mean, "Something for something, as the eagles in Aquilla say." Maybe the price of this...
  12. Re: Free, Wizard City & Krokotopia, thru May 15th

    Great, now make Arc 1 free and some worlds in Arc 2 FTP as well. Nobody should be paying for decades old graphics and gameplay KingsIsle, get with the industry standards and make these ancient areas...
  13. Re: Was anyone aware of these cantrip crafting requirements?

    I have to wonder, what's the point in inconveniencing Players with these pointless requirements for a harmless side activity? At least we can mark these arbitrary restrictions to the update being...
  14. Re: Possible New Way People are Scamming

    I'll be honest, this doesn't sound like a scam to me. Power leveling via those dungeons isn't unheard of, and this Player seems like they were trying to get a Pack for the service of leveling your...
  15. Thread: FYI

    by JaredSpellFrost

    Re: FYI

    This really isn't a great alternative though, since the Extra Large Fish Cart is only dropped by a retired Pack.. Is there any chance that this could be changed Arthur Wethersfield? Maybe this item...
  16. Re: New "Item:Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet Bundle"

    I had the opportunity to try this gauntlet out today, and I have a few thoughts on it.

    First of all, for $40 you should be getting more than just the gauntlet and some Crowns. Remember when these...
  17. Re: Do you think the solutions to many of W101's problems are simple or obvious?

    The solutions to most things in this game are obvious for sure, the problem is that KingsIsle is just blinded by greed. I'd say that the only things in this game that require more dynamic solutions...
  18. Re: How has Kingsisle's recent updates impacted your opinion on them as whole?

    Well, KingsIsle took a look at my rock bottom opinion of them and grabbed a shovel. I'm quite disappointed that low level PvP which I enjoyed is nonexistent and that Tournaments give no rewards, so...
  19. Re: Update to Loremaster's Spell Drops

    The fact that Loremaster did not receive a Spellemental Upgrade Path in this update would indicate that the whole spell still drops! All of the other Lore spells now have upgrade paths too. Also, so...
  20. Re: The Day that Derby died - how could you KI?

    I'll come out and say that I've never been a fan of derby, but you guys don't deserve this! I really don't see why KingsIsle can't give the Players that pay for Derby Arena Tickets, or at the very...
  21. The New Spellements Quest Is Bugged

    So after I finished talking to this guy, I was given no reward and the quest is now just.. Existing in my questbook? I can't open the quest dialogue for it, and quest helper doesn't work either....
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    Re: Wizard101 Dank Memes

    This is not my meme, but it's so good that I had to share it here!

  23. [TEST REALM] Re: World Packs - Locked behind Badge Req.

    World Packs will have gear like the Merciless and Darkmoor sets in them. As to why KingsIsle can't sell these pieces of top tier gear for flat prices instead making us gamble for them is beyond me.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm has gone Down

    Translation: Test Realm will be prematurely released later today before KI Live tomorrow, despite the numerous problems with 5th Age, Spellements, and bugs that still exist.

  25. [TEST REALM] Re: Wizard101Devs: How to get World Spellements.

    I swear, ClownsIsle has "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" engraved on a plaque at their HQ.

    One problem KingsIsle is overlooking with this Spellemental level locking are low level Duelists. If...
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