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  1. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I'm afraid those have probably gone the way of the Dodo Bird and Mastodon.
  2. Re: Funniest mistakes and bugs of W101?!

    The TC Vault?
  3. Re: What bizarre npc animal do you want to see next??

    The Dodo Bird?
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    Re: Are you a competitive player?

    I think I use to be, but not any more. I'm much more willing to help those in need or just assist in the grind than I am to lead the charge. The hard grind for the best stuff is no longer a priority...
  5. Re: How focused are you in doing one thing to completion?

    When it comes to questing a new world - I finish it. I'm pretty focused on the new content and want to see it through. Everything else is a paced activity. I'm in no hurry to max out every activity...
  6. Re: Does playing W101 feel slow? or does time move fast?

    When I first starting playing the game I could sit down, start playing and look up and it would be 4am. It seemed like only a few hours, but I would have been there for 6 or 7 hours. Time went by...
  7. Re: What's the weirdest thing in the Spiral?

    a flying snake that sings like Steven Tyler?
  8. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    Cool. This one looks really nice and I like the location. I've always thought KRY had real opportunities for castles, housing items, etc.
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    Re: My Crown account is almost empty

    Me too. My crowns are very, very low. Difference this time is that I no longer care.
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    Re: What's your level total?!!

    2 max levels, 4 that haven't started Lemuria, a 95 death, a mid level ice and a level 1 balance; so 1006.
  11. Poll: Re: How many points on avg do you get on the SoF

    I've always finished the SOF, although my last will be this summer. After completing season 3, I will no longer participate in the SOF.
  12. Re: My Deepest apologies to my Central Family and Friends

    I still love the game, but for me it is has been a slow build up that has led me to this day. In the last month I've probably logged on three times. I'm hoping this is just a short break, but the...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Unavoidable. The second I saw it I immediately sang the song - in my head, of course - people in my office might think I'm strange!
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Feeling Lazy, Daisy
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    Re: Are you a Spiral Hoarder?

    Oops! You're right - I did not make that very clear. That's inside and outside with the gear and jewel vaults. I didn't think about the seeds. I have those too inside and out. I'm one of the lucky...
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    Re: Kiosk Frustration

    Agree and never understood it either.
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    Re: Name a plot twist idea!

    After wrapping up a few loose ends on Lemuria, you just cannot let go of something unusual about Preservationist Zach. Something is "off" about this guy and we need to get to the bottom of it. You...
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    Re: Let's talk about Wand Hits!

    That last part caught my attention. If we had a wand hit that was AOE. That's interesting. I could see that as useful especially if used before a big hit to remove shields on the boss and minions....
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    Re: New Gardening Suggestions

    I am so onboard with this! Gardening really, really needs an update. New levels, new seeds, everything else you mentioned. Yes, please! If your not going to update it, then KI just needs to let us...
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    Re: How often are you defeated?

    Almost never, but to be honest, slightly a little more than in the past. One of the things I use to love about Central were the Boss and Dungeons Guides. I don't see those around anymore. Without...
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    Re: More thoughts on When To Cap

    Just like everyone else, I'll cap with a/the group at the beginning of the game. I'll continue along until the first battle starts; then I start to look at what's going to be best for the team. If...
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    Re: Do you like Long Instance Dungeons?

    I do not like them at all. I also find them extremely unproductive. I've always thought that if I'm going to do this "thing" there should be a "fair" reward at the end. Too many times I've run...
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    Re: Are you a Spiral Hoarder?

    I do. Not sure if that is the way they intended it, but it is the way it is working - at least for me.
  24. Re: Lets talk about possible benefits for Winning past the 25 games for pet games

    Sure, why not. My main wizard has won 100 games on them all. You do get a badge for doing that, but the more the merrier and possibly being able to train faster is always good - at least to me.
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    I've heard it another way, but let's go with that.
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