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    Re: What is YOUR favorite spell???

    Basilisk. It has a great animation that exudes power and I love the synergy between its stun effect and the DoT.
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    Re: How would you rebuild Central?

    I'm active in another forum which has a much more modern design, and OH BOY LET ME TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS WEBSITE.

    The very first thing I would do is to change is how people can mention...
  3. Re: Faithful Dragoness Mount returns, thru Jan. 17th.

    It's wild to see the Dragon Bundle right beside this mount in the Crowns Shop, and it's... a significantly better deal? A bundle, with one of those trashy Mega-Snack Packs slapped on so it can cost...
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    Poll: Re: Dungeon Recall in Deckathalons

    I got to the end of Stage 4 on one of my characters and left to restock on TC since I was using a low-tier deck, and this gave me a Dungeon Recall. I wasn't even in a battle or anything, I just...
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    Re: Whats Your Favorite Mount/First

    My first mount was one of those Whirlwind mounts introduced in the same update that gave us those Master/Exalted (and one Archmage) house duels. I know I wanted to get the Myth one just because it...
  6. Re: ATTENTION: Professor Sockhead has returned

    There's a dungeon early on in Empyrea called Secret Tunnel, which people love to farm for gear from because it's three short and easy bossfights in a row. All three bosses there drop Couch Potatoes...
  7. Re: ATTENTION: Professor Sockhead has returned

    Welcome back to Wizard101!

    As for the Double Gardening, the benefit has been modified so that it no longer drops extra seeds. Everything else is doubled though.

    Mirage and Empyrea are great...
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt Event, thru Jan. 11th.

    I remember someone on here seeing that it would appear near the end of January, perhaps on the last Tuesday. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it's true then that is quite worrisome. All...
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    Re: PvP Weekly Stats

    I don't PVP, but seeing this information is still interesting to me. Really neat how it's gone from Ice and Myth being neck and neck to Death springing up to take first place mostly because of the...
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    Re: What kind of mount would you like?

    Nothing. Er, not as in "Don't add new mounts," but a mount that is just the wizard doing their default run, but faster. And ideally it would work with Transformations too. It would be the first mount...
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    Re: Life Decakthalon is OPEN!

    Just now, after getting hit with a Leprechaun in the Deckathalon, my pet goes to Maycast... Empowerment? I know Auras can maycast if regardless of what you do, but it can also proc if you take damage...
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    Poll: Re: Best Area in Azteca

    Looks like this thread is back like one of the Lords of Night. :tt2:

    When I think about it, I don't think I like any of the areas particularly more than the others. Cenote is strangely cozy for an...
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    Re: Day 12: Free Crowns!

    500 on my main, 1000 on my mule, and I had to bug my sister into getting on since the game couldn't detect her chars until then lol. She got 250.
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    Re: Sleigh The Spiral Crowns Rewards Event!

    The Crown Rewards are account-wide, so you can only get one Gift That Keeps on Giving per account.

    Me over here imagining the absolute madman who would spend 61k Crowns on multiple characters in...
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral: Day 8

    I got the extremely festive housing item that will impress Santa's socks off: SPAGHETTI :woohoo:
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    Re: Introducing Timed Rewards!

    I'm, like, actually interested in this. I think I need to switch over to a yearly subscription anyway to save on money (that's what, $120 a year vs $90? This is what happens when you make your...
  17. Re: Day 6: Holiday Giveaway + Interactable Item!

    I got the same exact tree as part of my Daily Assignment a day or two ago, and that really diminished how excited I got about this code.
  18. Re: Beastmoon Hunt event through December 14th

    The spell that the Life Colossus gets at Level 4, Spirit Strider (3 pips, 225 Life Damage, heals team for 400 is target is a minion), is bugged. Casting it on a minion heals your team for 50 points...
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    Re: Sleigh The Spiral Crowns Rewards Event!

    Just found out for myself buying much-needed Backpack Elixirs across two of my wizards, and yes, you can spend Crowns amongst all of your wizards and it'll all add up to the goal.

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    holidaygifts2020 - KI Live code

    Chat is too powerful and guessed it just by counting the number of characters needed. Code is for a Park Bench in Wizard101 and an Art of Skull Island painting in Pirate101 and should last for 1.5...
  21. Re: What do you plan to do with your free membership?

    It's been a hot minute since Double Gardening, so maybe we will be seeing that during this benefit. Double Fishing went up a few weeks ago iirc so I don't think it will come back in time. I'm...
  22. Re: Is there a way to buy arena tickets through the crown shop?

    Ok, I think I figured it out. I was wrong about the Deckathalon part because I forgot that resist via shields was not calculated at the same time resist via gear is. Flat Resist is actually in the...
  23. Re: Is there a way to buy arena tickets through the crown shop?

    Yes, all defense jewels are flat resist with the exception of star jewels that grant talents such as Spell-Proof.

    Despite this, I still think flat resist jewels are one of the better square...
  24. Re: Is there a way to buy arena tickets through the crown shop?

    Jordo's jewels aren't restricted to any PVP rank, so you can buy them even if your only source of tickets have been daily assignments. Also, they are flat resist jewels, so you're not going to...
  25. Re: Does 'Silence Item' Castle Magic Treasure Card Work?

    Did some testing and it seems the card only works on noisy housing items, like the Basic Crafting Station. It's disappointingly limited in its function, and it would be much better if it did silence...
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