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    Re: A weird thing happened


    Do you remember which dungeon this happened in?
  2. Re: Monstrological Guests - "No Auction" status.

    If you want to, sure! Iíll have to ask around and see if this was intended.
  3. Re: Similarity between Dromel Merchant & Iron Sultan Statue?

    You're supposed to be able to interact with both the Iron Sultan Statue and the Dromel Merchant, we've bugged this internally and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for the heads up! :d
  4. Re: What's up with the graphics in Cyclops Lane?

    I can try and look into this. Do you guys have map locations for these graphical issues? That would be extremely helpful in figuring out where they are. :)
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    Re: What school to pick?

    All I know is myth wizards are clearly the best and definitely underappreciated. :glasses: There aren't many of us either so it's a neat way to stand out.

    Due to the lack of registration,...
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    Re: No Efreet in the Kiosk

    This has been bugged internally, so it should be fixed sometime in the future. :d
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    Re: Yuletide Pack

    I sadly don't have any additional info on these particular name changes. :( As such, I'll leave this to Sparck and Customer Support to look into. Hopefully they'll be able to supply the answers...
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    Re: official forum been hacked

    Yeah ... I didnít have the best day yesterday. ;)

    This whole thing was a pretty huge shock to me. I try to be very careful about not clicking links I donít know or trust, not re-using passwords,...
  9. Re: Level 70 wizard received Level 50 boots?

    I've been unable to reproduce this bug so I'm not sure if this is a widespread issue. I'd contact customer support - they'll be able to get you the correct level boots. :yes:

    [email protected]
  10. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    We're hoping all these issues disappear once the side worlds/areas are properly excluded from the spiral showcase. Unfortunately, this fix won't be in until the event is run again. :(
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    Re: Kembaalung dungeon

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I've bugged this internally. :d
  12. Re: Oh, joy, two duplicate-named hats with different stats

    I can try and look into it, but name changes can be a bit tricky to track down sometimes. :detective:

    EDIT: Alright, I've reported this internally. :d
  13. Re: extra cheese and 2 ranked Ultimate Runes

    Thanks for the kind words! Coming from the community before being hired, I know how much players value genuine communication. Iím trying my best to supply that in the capacity I can while in QA.
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    Re: Beastmoon Plant is Bugged

    Which beastmoon plants did this happen to? Just the regular Beastmoon Blossoms, or the school specific ones? Or both?

    I'll bring up the using Hasty Harvest on an elder plant concern to the...
  15. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    What's your team-up tab furthest to the right on that character?
  16. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    The crafting portion of the last spiral showcase was bugged. The first item you crafted incorrectly awarded 16 points instead of 4 because it was counting 1 item as 4 (4 points x 4 items = 16). If...
  17. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    Hey guys!

    How we doing on this? The update we recently put out adjusted this a bit. Are you still having issues or is it working properly on your end now?

    Please let me know! Thanks! :d
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    Re: Teams?

    Yep, this is a bug. That should only be present during the Beastmoon Event. I'll go ahead and report it internally. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Super powers? WHERE???!!!! :ph34r:
  19. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    I can confirm that crafting TCs and regular spells are meant to count towards the spiral showcase points. It'll be fixed in a future update. :d
  20. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    Heya everyone! Thanks for all the information. Sparck recently posted an update about this issue on the official message boards. Thought I'd share it here!

    Yes, I believe that's correct....
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    Re: Zone of the Month

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Re: Spiral Showcase Crafting?

    Sounds like something is out of whack. Yes, there should be a 20 point crafting limit for the spiral showcase. I'll look into it, thanks!
  23. Re: Spiral Showcase - Help a Team not recognizing Highest World

    I think your hunch might be right. I'll look into it, thanks!
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    Sticky: Re: Bug Reporting 101

    Well, there's no better time like the present to see if they can finally relax. Those bugs Ö always so stiff I swear Ö ;)

    This might be a little confusing, but there's actually two death ninja...
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    Sticky: Re: Bug Reporting 101

    I entered this one into our system last week. Thanks for the heads up!

    I'll take a look at this one, thanks!

    Yep, that one has been pretty pesky. We're aware of this one and working...
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