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  1. Poll: Re: how many beast forms do you have max tier?

    I juggle Beastmoon on all 6 of my characters, so I have a ton of Tier 3s and no Tier 5s. I have a Tier 4 Myth Draconian but after being nerfed I'm hesitant to actually get that to Tier 5. I also got...
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    Re: Fall Crowns Reward Event, thru 9/28.

    It's neat that they're bringing back the premium stuff like emotes and teleport effects from last year's Scroll of Fortune instead of having people who missed out never get these things ever, as well...
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    Re: Battles you like to do just for fun?

    Medulla's first version with 125k health. Playing support there gave me so many different options between healing, shielding, dispelling, clearing defenses, and being confused. There was always...
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    Show Maycast Rates and Triggers

    Lately there has been a lot of focus on tweaking the triggers of various Maycast abilities, as well as their percentages. For people to thoroughly check the cast rate of each of these Maycasts, you...
  5. Re: What rings and Athames would you suggest? (lvl 103)

    Your Athame is good, one of the best for Death even at max level, though you may want to compare it to the Mercy of Shadow and Light, which is dropped by Morganthe. It offers one extra damage but...
  6. Thread: Blood Moss?

    by Torpzun26

    Re: Blood Moss?

    Nightside is probably one of the best areas in the early game for farming Red Mandrakes. There's only one in there but it's such a small area that you should be able to find it quickly. Every minute...
  7. Re: Quartermane Standee recipe & new reagent?

    Lemuria's reagents might be similar to Karamelle's in that there will be an easy one (the Pretzel Sticks), a medium one (Toffee Beans), and then the tough one to get (Karamelle Chunks). I don't know...
  8. Re: Quartermane Standee recipe & new reagent?

    Quartermane is part of the Lemuria prequest, and I think we may be seeing more of him once that world comes out. Pretty neat that there's a housing item based off of him for sale at Lloyd's shop,...
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    Re: Best Way to Farm For Dragoon

    Yeah, definitely Abandoned House. There's a 2-turn kill strat where everyone runs into the boss first turn, triple Feints him (his anti-Feint cheat puts the Feints on minions, which he won't have...
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt Event, thru Sept. 13th.

    So I just had a game where we were losing something along the lines of 93-45, disadvantaged 5v6. Looks like a lost cause, right?

    Nope. We. Won.

    We did this by guarding Eye with our lives. This...
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    Wizard City's Remade Quests

    Thanks to Wizard City and Krokotopia being free for a limited time, I took one of my mule characters through Unicorn Way and the three streets to see what the changed quests were like. It was a lot...
  12. Thread: Weird bubble

    by Torpzun26

    Re: Weird bubble

    It is part of the Cyclops Lane main quest. The students that were trapped in Akilles's tower are instead trapped down here, and you have to free them individually.

    It lets us know more about these...
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    Re: What's your Max Energy?

    Mine is 267. It can be 275 if I use a Corgi. I have one that's ready to be used, I just prefer the Spirit of the Forest instead.
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    Re: Describe your garden!!

    Well for my max wizard, this is how I've set things up. I probably shouldn't go into the details for my other wizards since they're mostly similar to one another.

    RBF: 2 non-stacked groups of...
  15. Re: Free, Wizard City & Krokotopia, thru Sept. 8th.

    Yep, I'm also having this problem. I tried to get into Cyclops Lane on my mule account and it wouldn't let me. Hope it's fixed soon.
  16. Re: Free, Wizard City & Krokotopia, thru Sept. 8th.

    I'll be taking one of my mules through the updated Wizard City content thanks to this. I didn't feel like deleting and remaking any of my chars on my main accounts, nor getting an additional...
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    Re: Fall Scroll of Fortune

    The new idol isn't the Myth Rat, it's a new Balance Rat that hasn't been released yet. So we don't know any details about it yet, and most likely won't until the next Test Realm in late October.
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    Re: Fall Scroll of Fortune

    I was expecting this to show up in September now everything is spinning. Apologies of the comparison table comes out weird, site's being a pain again. Here to see the previous comparison.

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    Re: New Mount:Chitin Crawler.

    It's C U R S E D and I love it. They should totally go back and give Morganthe this mount. Enter my nightmares :1-1pulsing-heart::1-1pulsing-heart::1-1pulsing-heart:

    Unfortunately, like pretty...
  20. Re: Gold Based Transformation Potions Missing?

    They were made Crowns-only due to a glitch that allowed people to abuse these transformations to intrude on peoples' PVP matches iirc. People thought that it was annoying that people were running...
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    Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem, thru 8/23.

    Wait, if this is on the Avalon map, then this means that this is the new Balance(?) version of Mayhem they introduced in the summer update.

    I'll definitely want to try it out, at least.
  22. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, Aug. 26th

    Question: Are there any talks about adding new Gardening plants to the game, perhaps even a Gardening update for Lemuria? Karamelle would be a great place to introduce some new candy-themed plants to...
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    Re: No Mature Harvest on Couch Potatoes!

    When you go into Gardening mode and hover your cursor over them, do they have a timer before the next harvest? If so, you just gotta wait until then. Plants don't immediately have a mature harvest...
  24. Re: King Gobbsmack OOgie Boogies in Castel Gobbsmack throne

    The first time you defeat each one of the Oogie Boogies, you will lose 25% of your max HP. You cannot mitigate this at all, not with natural resist, not with shields, not with weaknesses. This means...
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    Re: Sparck....😣😔

    I admittedly didn't watch the entire video myself since it's definitely too mean-spirited, but the parts I did see where he was doing the second teaser for Lemuria were part of a stream a mere nine...
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