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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Returning Wizard :)

  2. Turning spells back into Spellements?

    I just remembered the scene in Harry Potter when Albus Dumbledore extracts his memories out of his noggin and then puts them into the memory bowl (the The Pensieve of Hogwarts, Goblet of Fire) and...
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Mount Olympus

    Hola Amigo
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    Shiny Mobs

    Some people will get the references of another game in this thread lol

    So every 1/8192 Mobs (that are randomly generated by the game) is going to be a "Shiny Version" of that mob that's colored...
  5. Re: Are you ready for the Mayhem around the corner?!


    Monster Mayhemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
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    Re: Gold Piles!!!!

    Woah one of my old threads has been ressurected :blink: But yeah it's mostly a flex! Don't forget to enlarge the pile with castle magic too, which will make you look extra rich! Personally though...
  7. Re: Double Pet XP, thru 9/19, Member Benefit.

    The pain lol
  8. Re: What styles of clothing would you like to see?

    I could already imagine Morganthe the Undying. But yeah Wiz doesn't have my Irl hair style (Well they kinda do). If I wanted new hair though, I would do an April's Fools frizzy hair or "right out of...
  9. Re: Double Pet XP, thru 9/19, Member Benefit.

    Well guess it's easier to get one of my pets to mega but after that, don't have anything to train up past adult :sweatdrop:
  10. Re: Most beautiful place in the spiral?

    Love those aesthetics!!!
  11. Re: What styles of clothing would you like to see?

    I like the idea of masks!! I thought more like superhero costumes too like with the school symbols on them (similar to the Beastmoon purchased gear but a lot simple). Perhaps something like superhero...
  12. What styles of clothing would you like to see?

    Title really says it all! What looks and styles would you like to see??
  13. Re: Most beautiful place in the spiral?

    edward sky, if only!!! I honestly would rather have a Mooshu graphics update than Krokotopia :lol:
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: catacombs

    I can help but Idk when I'm available
  15. Re: Most beautiful place in the spiral?

    I'm basically the opposite, I like to be warm and sunshines all the way. I'd say Floating Land in Celestia fits my aesthetic but I wouldn't say it's the most beautiful place in the spiral since it's...
  16. Re: Battles you like to do just for fun?

    Lol I did the same a while ago. Even now whenever my storm dies in a battle (somewhat often because of the low health and bad luck), I feel the urge to obliterate the enemy on one of my maxes just to...
  17. Battles you like to do just for fun?

    What battles do you just like to do for fun? And I mean just for fun (not for helping people or farming or questing or anything but just for the sake of doing the battle itself or if you just feel...
  18. Closest and toughest battle you've ever had?

    What's the toughest battle you've ever had in the game and survived?

    Mine was my first Renegade Druid battle on Dylan since I didn't know what I was doing at all (and still now, even after doing...
  19. Most beautiful place in the spiral?

    Most scenic and beautiful view in the spiral, where do you think it is? Feel free to explore the game and take a picture!
  20. Re: It took me all night but I beat KT.

    Good Job!!!
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    Re: Blood Moss?

    That definitely bothers me with more rare reagents like Agave Nectar and Water Lilies. Reagent trading would probably make the spiral much brighter (that is if Ki were to truly understand the...
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    Re: New pack robe

    Probably. I've seen a lot of these in the Hatchery. Not my thing :eating3:
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    Re: looking for help facing triton

    If you still need help, I can today. I can help you with anything else too (except Renegade Druid lol NO thanks on that one, chief)
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    Re: Blood Moss?

    If you ever need anymore, I'll just sell you some (I practically maxed out on blood moss by reagent hunting in the bazaar, errrrrr I could at anytime since I know I've maxed out in Red Mandrake quite...
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    Re: Farming Titanium

    There really needs to be an area in the game where getting those types of reagents are easier (like dropping in bulk). But yeah I bought like 50 or so I think in the bazaar and I could sell them back...
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