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    Re: Looking for a hat

    It's called Monarch's Diadem, and is part of the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle available in online shop

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  2. Re: Jewel Plant does not like Maltese Tiger Lily anymore

    Thank you for the extensive tests @lynchjw! Will keep them in mind for similar seed likes :great:

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  3. Re: Jewel Plant does not like Maltese Tiger Lily anymore

    If that is the case I did not know that before, sorry.
    Thank you for doing the test lynchjw, my seeds are not close to elder yet

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  4. Jewel Plant does not like Maltese Tiger Lily anymore

    I noted in the wiki that for the Jewel Square Blossom and Jewel Circle Blossom it lists "Maltese Tiger Lily" as a liked item. However in game it does not list it when hovering over the plants...
  5. Re: Finishing Empyrea - Just my thoughts. (Caution - Possible Spoiler)

    I was also impressed with Empyrea storyline-wise! I didn't expect more dramatic stakes to be than what we had at Khrysalis but KI set the bar up to dealing with the creators of the spiral. I wonder...
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    Re: Racers needed!

    Signed up, keep it rolling :thumbup1:

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  7. Re: Useful glitch for wizards with big mounts

    Is there a technique on how to hold this angle? I tried searching for this but I found nothing.

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  8. Useful glitch for wizards with big mounts

    I don't know if this is a glitch or if has been discovered before, but if it is I hope it won't get patched or will get incorporated into the game.
    Basically it allows you to change your viewpoint...
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    Re: Game Update for May 5, 2021

    lol that's the perfect analogy :clapping:

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  10. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    While I never had a problem with restrictions/bans, I do feel that KingsIsle has been just ruthless when I see people talk about some ridiculous bans (like the recent one with testing coupon codes)....
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    Re: Nice, Quick Day Today in Aquila

    Congratulations! That's some really good luck there.
    I myself had some crazy luck and unfortunate ignorance years ago, where I won the Alpha and Omega ring when I was a magus with my Promethean...
  12. Re: Weekly spellment pack subcription?

    Was glad to help! (You also reminded me to collect mine that was available since Wednesday lol)
    It's something that quite a lot of people have asked because the button is in the crowns shop and not...
  13. Re: Weekly spellment pack subcription?

    You need to visit the Crowns Shop, then under the box where your daily quest is you can find a green button that either says "Timed Rewards" or "Claim Rewards" (forgot which one it is). You click...
  14. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    It would be nice to have at the Overhead Names options "Friendly Only" as a choice ("Friendly Players Only" seems too long of a string to fit the screen), but any option to hide all players & NPC...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I got the Corporal Robe from Tenni'syn, and with the weekend's crafted Dragoon Hat Boots and Ring, makes my new gear setup complete. Time to start Karamelle!
  16. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    Sorry for updating my answer to add Marshfellow after you replied :S I should better quote myself to post new areas instead of updating previous ones

    ~ Professor Florian ~
  17. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    The bug also seems to appear at Hall of Valor, Nidavellir in Grizzleheim. Also at the Karamelle Skeleton Key Boss (I think it's called Nubbleheim?) @AluraMist @Eric Stormbringer

    ~ Professor...
  18. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    Today seems to be different than before: The names are hidden now in the Commons area. I also checked the Shopping District, Olde Town, Bazaar, Pigswick Academy, Aerial Shores, Karamelle City, Pet...
  19. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    I can confirm that this bug is not resolved. I also asked other players and they too see the names despite having their overhead names setting set to none
  20. Re: Disappointed with the "stove" spell

    Hmm I actually didn't think of using them that way, pretty smart!

    It's just that I had high expectation for Potboiler being an AOE finally allowing life wizards to quest faster rather than single...
  21. Disappointed with the "stove" spell

    I was looking forward for life to get Potboiler as its much needed 4 pip AOE for solo questing, only to find out it is a single target hit.
    I don't how how others feel about the new stove spells,...
  22. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    There is also a cosmetic bug that I find annoying, and it's that people who mark themselves as a friendly player will have their names displayed on your screen even if you set the overhead names to...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Crystal Butterfly anyone?

    Works for me :) See you on Saturday 16th, 20:00 GMT+2 at the hatchery realm Ivan

    ~ Professor Florian ~
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Peace Dove

    I'm looking to hatch with a Peace Dove with life-related talents (universal resist , univerisal damage, maycast heals/auras, life damage...).
    A triple damage + double resist would be neat but I'm...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Crystal Butterfly anyone?

    What kind of stats do you want?
    If stats don't matter, I have a first generation that I can train for you & hatch. I'm GMT+2 and I can hatch between 09:30 and 20:00 any day (just schedule tomorrows...
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