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  1. Re: Spiral Stitch Contest! - Oct. 2021.

    Even though I missed the contest deadline by 5 days since completion of this side project of mine, I still thought it would be fun to continue to morph my myth twin birds into myth twin snake...
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    Re: Why aren't we growing pumpkins?

    Or even just squash in general. Sasquash (a very hairy squash), Bee Gourd (yellow and black striped squash), Dee Vine (vine with the head of Dee Snidee).
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Storm pets.

    whoops disregard this.
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    Re: Game Patch for Sept. 30, 2021.


    Asrik does in fact drop the newly "rebalanced" version.
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    Re: Game Patch for Sept. 30, 2021.

    Here are the two versions of shatter and enfeeble. One is for PvP and PvE, the other is just for PvE. If you are fighting Omen, you will want to use the "remove all" version, or else that battle will...
  6. Re: Double Pet XP - thru 9/26. Member Benefit.

    I think this is the third weekend in a row with double pet xp. I'm definitely happy that they're doing the more popular benefits more often for this bday month. And they even did double reagents and...
  7. Re: Free, Wizard City & Krokotopia, thru Sept. 8th.

    Tbh it should be "thru forever"
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    Re: New Mount:Chitin Crawler.

    Honest opinion: This should have been a mount in 2013.
  9. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    I think it is a bit odd to be bringing back bundles to the online store that are 5+ years old, have gear not updated to include the max level in present day, and sold at full price. I don't quite...
  10. Poll: Re: "Membership Renewal" or "Crowns" player? Which one?

    And it never hurts to buy a month membership once a year during September, since all benefits are run during that month. Let's hope it doesn't change this year!!
  11. Re: Post a quote on W101 Players would understand!

    Seriously, do these people have any idea how long you've been studying as a wizard? Yet here you are, once again, in the muck.
  12. Re: Ravenwood Rangers Crown Reward Event

    So this "Unlocked via spellements" thing just means they aren't craftable nor they drop from LOREmaster, right? If this is the case, why call it a LORE pack?
  13. Re: Raffle - 1-Month Membership Giveaway

    Winner of this raffle is Phenoixblizzard. I'll send the code via PM. Thanks to all who participated :)
  14. Raffle - 1-Month Membership Giveaway

    To enter the raffle, share your favorite arc 1 world and why. But if you don't like any arc 1 worlds, explain why you don't to enter instead. I'll be drawing the winner and sending the code via PM on...
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    [AVAILABLE TO MIX] Triples, Quads, and Quints

    I'll have my requests open until Tuesday at 8pm MDT (July 20, 2021). I can only do 3 lends a day per wizard, so patience is key. The armored skeletons are non-kioskable. Thanks.

  16. July 9 2021 FLASH CONTEST! MOUNT GIVEAWAY! Hide and Seek.

    First two wizards to find Evan Starcatcher (Red and BLACK dye) will each win a pennyfarthing mount. Hurry, your chance to participate ends at 7:20pm MDT July 9th 2021!!

    Find Evan in Ravenwood in...
  17. Re: No, you aren't dreaming! Crowns sale!

    Might I add, not sure if this is intended or not, but gift certificates qualify for this sale too it appears:

  18. Re: Crowns Sale, 25% off, $60 for 60,000 Crowns

    Nah it's the complete opposite - the free market. The exchange rate between US to CAD is roughly 1.25, meaning $1.25 CAD is only $1 US. Which also means we have to fork up 25 cents more per dollar...
  19. Re: Crowns Sale, 25% off, $60 for 60,000 Crowns

    Yay us Canadians can now get them at full price instead of full price +25%!!
  20. [TEST REALM] Re: Summer 2021 - Dislikes / uncertainties (not Bugs)

    Does anyone know if the camera angle was fixed when riding large mounts like the pygmy whale? Whenever I use that mount it starts off at a high angle, but ends up going low to where my wizards are...
  21. Re: House on Castle Tours with less than 50 items

    Only thing I can think of is they put it into tours with 50+ items, then they removed the items after they put it up. Maybe a bug?
  22. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    Only issue is that the devs have access to the code, so they could literally just put anything into their wizard's backpack for free.
  23. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    If I remember correctly, the other sale was the bonus crowns block one. So if you purchased 60,000 for $80 you would get a 50% bonus, which would end up equalling 90,000 crowns (advertised as...
  24. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    The current pet peeve I have:

    Plant All shouldn't be locked behind Rank 15 Gardener.
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    Re: Sale, School Jewel Packs, thru 7/4

    Threads like these are important for us who aren't aptly checking Wizard101's website or social media on the daily. Also considering that I have a typical 9-5 weekday job, having all...
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