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    Re: Briskbreeze Tower Idea

    That's a great idea! It'll bring life back into what's basically an abandoned dungeon. I think it was once a popular farming spot for level 50 rings/amulets/athames (I can't remember which), but...
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    Re: This has gotten out of hand!

    It's happened before when I was using Trace Route on my Command Prompt to figure out why I was getting an error code (404 if I remember right) on their sites. A couple times they said it was on...
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    Re: This has gotten out of hand!

    I know I'm having issues with logging in this morning with the log in screen just randomly deciding to freeze and even load up slow when it decides to unfreeze. The one time I got into the game it...
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    Re: Plushie Updates

    I bought one of each! Presently Gamma is sitting on my shelf next to a Kitsune plush from Makeship as well (I'd actually really love a kitsune pet, but with the ability to dye the base fur color and...
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    Re: Boys vs. Girls

    65 isn't a bad number
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    Re: The last post wins

    It'll only end when the site shuts down- which will be never! :tt2:
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    Re: The last post wins

    Isn't there a thread somewhere that has over a thousand pages?
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    Re: What's your forever companion?

    For the longest time my main pet was a snow beast named Jesse. He has triple ice damage, spell proof, and maycast sprite. He may not have casted sprite a lot (unless it was against a boss who would...
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    Re: The last post wins

    Shouldn't be too hard to keep this thread bumped
  10. Re: Peppergrass Glen Bundle

    Yep, you can hatch for the pet! It's kinda easy to get, but I think that depends on how your luck is.

    The pet gives leafstorm as its only spell (starting at baby I think?), but it is rather...
  11. Re: Piggle Plushie, pre-order on June 3rd

    Got mine! It's at 63% now and I bet it'll sell the same amount of plushies as much as Gamma did.
  12. Re: Why is Ki continuing with Dual-School stats in new gear?

    It's not like they have even updated the mastery amulets so that they actually give good stats to go with the school mastery of choice. All they give is some health, a little defense, and maybe...
  13. Re: "Peppergrass Glen Bundle Gift Card"

    I already have it on my main account, but because I like to get a physical bundle card of the ones I really like, I think I'll pick up one at Gamestop at some point and decide which account I'd like...
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    Re: Spiral Villains Hoard Pack

    I admit I'd really only buy this pack for the mount (I always wanted my little dragon to be my mount after Dragonspyre!) and that's it. Maybe for the Malistare Dragonspyre wand, but the mount for...
  15. Re: This week's event is Spiral Showcase....err, I mean Beastmoon Mayhem

    I guess we're not going to be crafting any gold idols this Beastmoon. Fix one thing and broke another. Hopefully next Beastmoon will run smoothly
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    Re: FTUE Hurt Me...

    I admit that I prefer the old Wizard City questlines over the new ones. I ran one wizard through the FTUE and disliked it. Now I just take my max wizards and run the new wizard through them as fast...
  17. Re: Early Release of Game Patch Notes for May 25, 2022.

    I attempted the Malistare rematch and man that's one crazy fight. How does he resist ice if he's death and fire? His minion, Sylvia Drake in Wraith form, is ice and life so I can see her resisting...
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    Poll: Re: What would you prefer KI do?

    I'd rather they fix the major bugs and add them in as a game maintenance update as they're fixed while all of the smaller bugs being added in through the Test Realm updates. I'd still love to see...
  19. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    Maybe those and some moon flowers would look nice, thanks for the idea! I'll farm tomorrow for some and try it out
  20. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I haven't checked, but if I find some plants that I like that'll fit with the Khrysalis theme I want for it I'll check. I put mine on castle tours a day or two ago under decorated if you want to...
  21. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    No problem! Try searching for the bundle itself on Google, that's honestly how I managed to find it on Gamestop's site (the link should be under the videos section)
  22. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I was lucky enough to get it, as well as others who managed to buy it when Gamestop released it on their site early. It was a pre-order purchase for them that they received about a week-ish ago if I...
  23. Re: Best interactions with others with the same name!

    I've seen plenty of wizards named Amber and even some named Amber Dragon(insert random last name), but I have yet to meet another Amber Dragonblossom. It's funny when it happens in Beastmoon Mayhem...
  24. Re: Does playing W101 feel slow? or does time move fast?

    It depends on how fast I'm questing through the worlds. I prefer to take my time through the Academy part of Dragonspyre, Khrysalis, and some part of Empyrea, so how fast time flies will vary on...
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    Re: Ice Deckathalon

    Out of habit I hit the go to event button and ran straight to where the event normally happens. I was really confused for a few minutes when I saw neither Gamma nor the "portal" that leads to the...
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