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    Re: What's your level total?!!

    150 Life + (2*150 Myth) + 150 Ice + 150 Death + 150 Balance + 150 Fire + 150 Storm + (2* 66 Ice) = 1332
  2. Re: Best interactions with others with the same name!

    I haven't seen the exact name of my main wizard Dakota MoonHunter, but I've seen a good handful of MoonHunters roaming the spiral. If I recall, the most interaction I have had with those wizards...
  3. Re: What bizarre npc animal do you want to see next??

    Mcqueen and Mater. Or just more automated things. Bat Bots are too simplistic at this point.
  4. Re: Spellement Drop locations confirmations

    I might just have to try your dual box method. I have an extra character slot on both so may as well take advantage of it while I can.
  5. Re: My Deepest apologies to my Central Family and Friends

    You hit the nail on the head Dylan. A lot of my responses on these threads, especially in the last few years have been impulsive. Mainly to share my likes and distastes about updates in that very...
  6. Re: The Day that Derby died - how could you KI?

    This! Ranked PvP or Derby have never been side activities that I took a part in, but I do know that it was for a lot of people. Occasionally I would see Pet Warlords running around the spiral and...
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    Re: Rewarding Loyalty

    The definition of "loyalty" they're using is pretty loaded. It's not retroactive, meaning anyone who's put in hundred or even thousands of dollars into this game over the last 13+ years is put into...
  8. Re: Spring 2022 Game Update - Bugs or Issues (Live Realm)

    Were arena ticket rewards removed from tournaments? When I hover over the gift box in the tournament lineup, it says "No Rewards" rather than "Arena Tickets Only" like pre-update.

    Also the cost...
  9. [TEST REALM] Re: Wizard101Devs: How to get World Spellements.

    This is how I see it:

    1. "Be a low level. We'll show the high levels the door."
    2. "Buy Energy Elixirs and Purreau's Potions to train spellement-specific pets."
    3. "Buy Energy Elixirs since...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Merciless Gear Change

    I was definitely in the same headspace once I saw the changes earlier on. Up until yesterday I had been using the Merciless robes on my myth twins, but because of the changes I decided to farm for...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Spellements

    Ah, so the one most sought after death spell for low level questing is one of the spells being removed from Loremaster I see. Just allow us wizards to get Lore spells, including Deer Knight, from...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Merciless Gear Update

    Over the last 24 hrs, I've decided that I'm not in full support of this gear update. I feel like the stats were strategically manipulated so that if you wanted to use the Level 150 gear, you would...
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    [TEST REALM] Merciless Gear Update

    I decided to hop on and see what changes were made to the Merciless gear after hearing rumors that it was changed. And boy did it ever. I'm going to post some pics from my wizard's Merciless gear...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Cantrips - Rank 2

    So far it sounds similar to training a pet to mega that you know all 5 talents will fail. Odds are this is just a cash grab to get more people to buy 80k crowns without a sale. And I'm talking in...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: My Thoughts On Test Realm

    It seems to be promising for the most part. I have some issues though:

    1. I don't do beastmoon :tt2: So that rules out like 1/3 of the update for me.

    2. Completely removing the Arena Tickets...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Change It Back KingsIsle.

    This is one of those things that doesn't bug me. We'll get used to it, like we've all gotten used to the updated Commons graphics. I usually hit "B" or "esc" to enter my backpack or settings anyway.
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    Re: How often are you defeated?

    Besides in tournaments and since Shadowwock in Mirage, never. I only see other people get defeated... :coffeeup:
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    Re: New Spring Bundles!

    Usually I don't bat an eye at the crown shop bundles, but I just noticed that the Stormrider Hare is in one. The Stormrider Hare mount to this day is still my most used mount for running around the...
  19. Pet Peeve - Team Ups: Questing vs Farming

    Just thought I would share a pet peeve of mine. If I start a team up for farming, why does the Team Up algorithm combine questing and farming people together? What is the point of having the two...
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    Re: Look At How They Massacred My Boy

    In my opinion, TCs are meant to hold value. If the TC is at an equal level to that of a trained spell that everyone has access to, then they're no longer a treasured card. Just a card that's coloured...
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    Re: what would you do?

    Abracadabra my life wiz and switch to death. Death is THE school for soloing. And the fact we can keep potent and sharpen, chef's kiss.
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    Re: St. Patrick's Day Bash!

    I guess you could think of a 4-leaf clover as 4 green hearts :001_tt2:
  23. Double Pet XP - Now thru March 6th, 2022

    A crowns sale plus double pet xp!? Miracles like that don't happen much these days... It's only been 2 weeks since the last double pet xp, but I'm happy since I can now train my epic projects that I...
  24. Re: Remember my realm and stop putting me in Ambrose

    Loremaster is the bane of my existence when it comes to this. I could be in Kraken realm, start a LM teamup, then get pulled into one of the realms of the other players. It's super annoying that if...
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    Re: New "Awards Bundle" (ends 3/2).

    A better award statue would be Ashley the tree who can talk with her original voice.
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