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    Please update me!

    Hi all,

    It's been about a year since I last interacted on this forum. I'm so excited that it's almost summertime and that I can finally re-immerse myself into the Spiral.

    Is there anything new...
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    Today Is Your Day

    You will get through the day.

    No matter how difficult it will be, you will get through it.

    Your day will go how you want it to go. You have your own internal locus of control, and you will use...
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    Re: "The MooShu Song" music video

    Loved this!
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    Re: [Journal Entry] Summer

    Aww, thank you so much! I love what you said about giving yourself permission to just "be." Sometimes it seems that can be hard to do!! (: I appreciate you!!
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    [Journal Entry] Summer

    Summer this year starts on Sunday, June 20th. But for me, it actually starts on June 1st. The roses flower in early June, the month itself was named after the Roman goddess Juno, who was the goddess...
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    Re: KI wants Pet/Mount Bundle Ideas

    I would love a fairy bundle! Not sure what that would entail. But I want one!
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    [Journal Entry] Girl as a Boy

    I was walking around Bastion yesterday (in Khrysalis) and I met a new friend! We both were waiting while sitting at a bench near the pet vendor for a friend, and he started conversation with me. He...
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    [Journal Entry] Rest of My Life

    I'm in Marleybone again. I like to watch the people cross the streets from my window and observe the frequent light showers of rain hit the pavement. It's so peaceful here. People use YouTube to look...
  9. Re: Community Livestream: Sparck Continues His Journey

    Thanks for posting the stream here! I totally missed it; excited to watch now!
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    Re: What's your rarest item?

    Ooh! Fun question.

    The rarest thing in the game that I own might be some of the castles that I've obtained from now-expired bundles.

    Maybe the Serpentine Escape from the Aztecan Builder's...
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    [Journal Entry] This Community

    It seems that those who find themselves in the Spiral are drawn to being kind to others.

    Last night I traveled to the Mangrove Marsh in Azteca to work on some side quests. There I met a super...
  12. Re: [Journal Entry] My Dog Rover the Rescue Rover

    Thank you so much for sharing! Yeah, I definitely need to work on that.
  13. Poll: Re: Which magic resembles Mirage the most?

    That's a very good point! (: Definitely gotta love balance!
  14. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    I really enjoy how you elaborated on how the rude wizard on Cyclops Lane added dimension to the storyline and made it more fun! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I appreciate you! And I...
  15. [Journal Entry] My Dog Rover the Rescue Rover

    This morning I woke up feeling grateful. I'm so lucky to be able to have the sunrise wake me, with my dog Rover lying on the bed beside me. Basking in the heat of my comfy bed is such a juxtaposition...
  16. What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    Lately I've been interested in interacting with community members by asking questions to spark discussions. I enjoy reading other people's perspectives and learning more through that.

    In a...
  17. Poll: Re: Which magic resembles Mirage the most?

    I love your mini analysis! I think it's so fun to peel back the layers of the worlds in the Spiral and appreciate them for what they are. Thank you so much for your reply! (:
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    Re: What is distinctive about Myth

    Honestly, I can't answer your question because I'm not a myth wizard, but I just wanted to say that I'm honestly in awe by how advanced myth wizards are. Similar to balance wizards, it seems like the...
  19. Poll: Which magic resembles Mirage the most?

    Mirage is one of my favorite worlds. I think that Mirage consists of elements from all of the types of magic, but I'm curious what others think. My guess is that most people are going to answer...
  20. Re: [Journal Entry] I'm Not a Fire Wizard

    Aw, you are so kind! Thanks (: Have a great one!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I love your pun!
  21. [Journal Entry] Emily Dickinson Was a Death Wizard

    I've never been too into poetry, until recently. I've been reading pages of Emily Dickinson's poems from the early 1800s. Even though a lot of the poems are difficult for me to fully comprehend, I...
  22. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    Awww, that is so awesome! I love Koppa-tropia too (:
  23. Re: [Journal Entry] I'm Not a Fire Wizard

    I chose death! (:
  24. [Journal Entry] I'm Not a Fire Wizard

    One of the most highly anticipated initiation procedures when a student transfers to Ravenwood is deciding which school of magic they belong to. Ultimately, it is a choice to become a wizard of a...
  25. Re: Correlation B/W Zodiac Signs and the Schools

    I think that's the fun of talking about this stuff. It's nonsense, and thus fascinating to speculate about. Don't you think it's also "nonsense" that philologists study what "could have happened"...
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