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    Re: Death Free to Play leveling guide

    In my (not so) humble opinion, if you aren't Free To Play, this guide is likely to be totally useless to you, as any experience you get from questing is leagues higher than anything you could ever...
  2. Re: *Generic Greeting Followed By An Exclamation Point*

    Ha, thanks, I do my best to make sure my posts are as entertaining as the game they're about, and, although that's a good suggestion I probably won't be turning to any graphic shops, I tend to avoid...
  3. *Generic Greeting Followed By An Exclamation Point*

    Hey, I've came back to playing Wizard101 a bit recently after a really, really long absence (Last time I played was when Celestia was the newest world, time sure does fly, huh?) I've been able to get...
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