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    Re: HUGE Ads Covering Content

    By the look of these new ads, I guess you're not supporting the site enough. We can only reasonably assume they were intentionally placed by the administrators...? Don't see how else they'd start...
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    Re: HUGE Ads Covering Content

    Get the "uBlock Origin" add-on for your browser and you'll never see them again.
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    Poll: Re: :: KI bring back CROWN SALE POLL ::

    They just had a sale last month. Everyone know it's the first one in several months. It will also probably be the last one for the next several months. Ask again in 8 months and see their excuse...
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    Poll: Re: Reindeer Knight Path

    I'm probably going to choose the damage into the dot so the first hit is used to take off shields. Like an aoe frostbite.
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    Re: Reindeer Knight?

    It's very random. Mostly depends on how many x30 drops you get. I farmed on two accounts, and while i upgraded krampus completely on one, my other one didn't even get enough reindeer knight to...
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    Re: Stop Opening KIFG On Exit.

    A streaming service is very different from a game. The game should sell itself without annoying its players. They'll just go play another game that doesn't annoy the heck out of them. However, there...
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    Stop Opening KIFG On Exit.

    Sparck I need you to listen carefully to this, especially because it is something that you, and nobody else at Kingsisle experiences, because none of you have to deal with it.

    Think of how many...
  8. Re: a deeper look at the winter rewards...

    My response wasn't meant to be directed at you specifically, but I just thought I'd address it because I've seen similar things said in a few places.

    I think the scroll of fortune looks fun,...
  9. Re: a deeper look at the winter rewards...

    There are 63 total rewards. You just aren't going to get 63 top-tier items. There has to be SOME 'filler' items in between the better rewards.

    The alternative would most likely be NOTHING in...
  10. Re: Holiday Charity Mount Raffle! (2 winners)

    thanks for the giveaway, cherry :)
  11. Re: Holiday Crown Shopping Spree Raffle!! (15k, 10k, 5k)

    thanks for the giveaway, cherry :)
  12. Re: a deeper look at the winter rewards...

    How is it a "very shady practice"? You know exactly what you are paying for. It's basically a bundle that you have to grind for.
  13. Re: Why life wizard BiS dropped gear should not be damage gear.

    i'm halfway there just for the record ;) and it turns out, two accounts is enough for most battles if i'm playing them well.

    for regular farming, do what you want. you're usually with a different...
  14. Re: a deeper look at the winter rewards...

    i was considering buying it for the emotes/tele animations lol, which alone are worth more than the 7.5k if you're a member. the hardest part is actually getting there imo.

    think about it this...
  15. Re: Why life wizard BiS dropped gear should not be damage gear.

    there are options available, however if you want to be a dedicated healer, you must pay them more money. that's the problem. i agree though, i think most of the time nobody wants to sit in a 3 hour...
  16. Re: Mystery Discount Code!!! What did you get???

    crowns are probably not going on sale, considering they changed the 60k for $60 item in their system to $80 to prevent anybody from taking advantage of both.

    a shame, they'd make so much more...
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    Re: no games for guys?

    looks like i'll be quitting wizard101 because it's for girls
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    [WANTED] Re: Fire Beetle Tc (Not Gardened)

    PM me a friend code and a time, i got them
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    [WANTED] Re: Fire Beetle Tc (Not Gardened)

    How many do you want?
  20. Re: Increasing the Housing limits, I WON'T BE BUYING ANYMORE OF THE BIG HOUSING BUNDL

    personally, i think it's about time that a bread crumb didn't count the same towards the housing limit as a bamboo grove. lol
  21. Re: People editing Wizard101 game files (Beware!!!)

    Doesn't sirens add a -55% mantle?
  22. Re: Permabanning someone after they spent money=stealing?

    For fair and legitimate companies like Riot Games, I disagree. I know they give many chances to reform before it gets to that point.

    However, in the context of Kingsisle, I could see an argument...
  23. Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

    a good representation of the older and mature players i think. sure we might have some younger, but i feel like they are influenced by the majority here (older) and probably wouldn't have views that...
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    Re: Azteca Crafting Bug

    should be fixed tomorrow
  25. Thread: Devourer

    by Epic Patrick

    Re: Devourer

    i've done it in four rounds with a highly-coordinated team, using fire scion.

    with less coordination, juju spamming will also let this boss be a breeze.

    otherwise, your team needs good...
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