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  1. Re: Rattlebones Exalted Duel Drop Rate Nerfed?

    I did a WW run and in the past at least one person would get one WW gear drop from each boss. I did 3 runs with 4 wizards and got only 2 items. One being the wrong school.

    I can almost see why...
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    Re: Boys vs. Girls

    Then I will take 75
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    Re: Boys vs. Girls

    76 sounds good ;)
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    Re: SPOILER! New Gamestop Bundles!

    This pet that I shared with you on another platform is NOT a first generation.

    Now that we might be able to hatch them, this bundle that the pet came from is not officially released, so if I...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: unknown dog pet

    Nope, the totals are the same. I am hoping to get this pet soon. I did call my local Gamestop and they did not have this card, yet. We figured that the totals that we were seeing were pets that...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Events?

    I enjoy Spiral Showcase, Deck Event and Pet Event.

    However, at this point I am really ready not to see any more events and ready to just quest or work on something else. I know that these are...
  7. Re: September KI Live - What are they talking about?

    Yup, like you Casp, my time on the game is very limited now. I have a new job and it consumes most of my day. That being said, I miss out on KI live always!

    After their last show, I came home...
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    Poll: Re: R.I.P Classic Crown Sales

    Well it seems like there are many of us that wish the classic crown sale was still an option so we can blow our credit cards funds on it. ;)
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Pretty much all pets

    That is a very large list. Let me make a suggestion to you. If you have not already, why not start off with Kiosk pets. They are easily obtained in the Pet Pavillion just to the left of the...
  10. Re: Limiting the number of times Combat Talents can be used? Or breaking with May-Cas

    The gray out can happen if you had maxed out the use of "will cast" talents. For frozen kraken, you're allowed up to 3 times per battle. I am guessing its the same thing with leafstorm.
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    Re: Death Deckathalon Event Now Live!

    This is something I have been saying since they changed it.

    "I think a better model would be allow an "practice" or "farming" mode to allow players unlimited attempts to practice strategies or...
  12. Re: Can a Gen2 pet inherit unmanifested Talents from the parents?

    When you hatch 2 pets, the new pet will inherit both manifested talents and unmanifested talents. There is chance that the baby will manifest talents that neither of the parents had manifested. ...
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    Re: I bought the wrong membership

    My husband did this once and they would not change it for us. It end up being a huge mess! The best thing I would suggest is to contact them and just politely ask. I hope it will work out better...
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    Re: Stats On Mounts

    This is not a new topic at all. @Jaded Gaze had made a post about this same topic and I do believe there is a poll about it as well.

    I know that there are few on lines games out there that...
  15. Re: When did you Join Central and How long have you been playing Wiz

    I had joined central long time ago, but forgot the password and the info for my old email that was linked to it, so I have been around since 2013 with this one. :)

    However, you can see how...
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    Re: Lost connection

    That would seem logical, but I am in the North East and I have friends from Europe who are seeing the same issues by Game Forge. I am not very tech savvy, so I am not sure how it all works and...
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    Re: Lost connection

    The issue is the loading screen for me, its all white and takes forever to load up and when it does and I get that message.

    So, what I did was not wait for it to load up, but typed in my...
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    Re: Lost connection

    I am unable to get on. I keep getting a message to check my internet. However I am on other social platforms talking to friends and checking my email.
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    Re: Dancing Blade

    I have never gotten one, but never really bother to try. However, I will say, sometimes it takes longer then normal to get something. I was fishing for a pet that I was told that you can get in a...
  20. [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Searching for the most cutest pets ever Tulip, Sunny, Daisy Lumi

    Hey Meggs!

    I can help you out. I will send you a message with details. :)
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    Re: Talent tokens question

    If your looking for spirit tokens and death tokens, raise those type of pets. Myth, Life and Death pets will give you spirit tokens and school specific tokens as well. ;)
  22. Re: It's time the parental system is updated

    I have come across, them asking me for that type of info, that I had used to OPEN my account with. I had one documentation, luckily, but how many people actually keep receipts for 10 years? At...
  23. What happens after a Deckathalon Event

    My Storm, Bailey SeaCaster was so tired from her runs in the Ice Deckathalon Event, she fell asleep on her mount.
  24. Re: Does the Fishing System need an 'redo'?

    I enjoy fishing, but I think the one thing that needs to be address, is when I go to catch the newer fish, when I cast all the right things and its the only one in the ponds, it escape. This has...
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    Hey Sparck!

    I would like to make a few suggestions here. :)

    It would really be nice that during the events, you would change up the rewards. For the past 3 or 4 Deckathalon Events, you...
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