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    Re: Best way to get gold skeleton keys?

    It doesn't have to the the Graveyard though. All of those bosses can drop the key, though Malistaire is the only one with the chest at the end.
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    Re: "Pet Jewel Cards" Expansion

    As an American I can say I've never heard of any of these stores, except Safeway, which I haven't seen in years.

    Now, we do have Kroger around here, but it's not on that list. Will they be at...
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    Re: Avalon and Gardening

    You would need to get to Dun Dara and finish the quest Queen of Light Took Her Bow, and then the side quest to find Roger the Shrubber.

    And the max gardening level is 20.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Reagent

    There is another reagent that I got as a drop called synthonium.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Let's Talk New Spells

    The death one is like a suped up obsidian colossus, which is useful. Those weaknesses it leaves look like plagues instead of the typical weakness look, but they're only put on the target and no one...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Mandrake the Maligician

    And now I come across the Snow Queen (moon class), which is somehow even worse. First, she uses a blizzard that sometimes hits themselves, and seems to remove everything like an earthquake. Other...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Mandrake the Maligician

    He does give you a +20% pierce charm every time you heal, but other than that, you'll need lots of pierce to overcome that aura.
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    [TEST REALM] Mandrake the Maligician

    Is there any way to beat him? Solo that is. I'm sure it's easy with a group. Or maybe he's not. I don't know. Anyway, he uses a leafstorm that does a certain amount of health (much like Jamburglar),...
  9. Re: Are Sunions still good, with the recent PvP change?

    Sunions are still good because they drop extraordinary cards, which can still be used in pvp (it's only cards like gargantuan and colossal that are banned). Also supernova. They also give plenty of...
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    Re: Fishing at Sky Castle Estates

    That's actually an epic fish that until now was only able to be caught in the Commons (by the waterfall and Nightside).
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    Re: Sprite Swarm

    During the planning phase, there should be an x by the minion's health. Click on it to dismiss it.
  12. Re: Grim Ferryman Pack + Crown Reward Event!

    It does give damage, but it's considered part of Charon's set, even though there's already one for Charon's set.

    Even now, after the patch.
  13. Re: Grim Ferryman Pack + Crown Reward Event!

    I did manage to get a permanent mount (stygian), but I noticed something. Each of the other mounts comes with +1% damage. However, the stygian (temporary or permanent) does not.
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt

    They probably believe that they can collect more lunari per hour by throwing games than they could by winning games. The other day, KI told us who had the most forms at the highest tier. After...
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt

    Twice now, I have encountered some strange behavior from the blue team. Twice in a row even. I was on red both times, so I didn't hear what blue was saying, but the entire blue team fled from every...
  16. Re: Spooktacular Halloween Packs are back!

    And not updated to level 140 yet.
  17. Monster Mash cards do not count as a crafting ingredient

    The monster mash cards you craft in the Beastmoon area will not count in the spellement crafting recipe. The recipe calls for the Darkmoor version, which isn't available. In fact, the new version...
  18. Re: Monster Mayhem "Simplified"

    You might want to try getting the lower health enemy in the first slot. To do this, go around the ring to the back side and walk up to the weaker enemy while avoiding the stronger one. This, of...
  19. Re: Are you ready for the Mayhem around the corner?!

    Or that one broken spell the tempest squid uses. You know the one. It does 150 damage and puts on a 100 weakness, all for 0 pips. So many matches have been lost just from this one spell alone.
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    Re: Gold Piles!!!!

    They are just decorations. Back when they first came out, you would need to have maximum gold to get the big gold pile (475,000), but now you'll still have up to 50,000 left.
  21. Re: What's the max percentage for high pip conversion?

    That wand I don't have. Anyway, without the set, it will be close, but just short of 100%. However, with the set, executive amulet, and dragoon sword, you won't need the deck to get 100%. I'm...
  22. Re: What's the max percentage for high pip conversion?

    If you use the dragoon wand, you get 265 death conversion, which gives you a total of 681, and you won't need to wait until Christmas to even attempt to get it.
  23. Re: What's the max percentage for high pip conversion?

    There's also a couple of pip conversion talents called Pip Conserver and Pip Saver
  24. Re: 13th Birthday Fishing Tournament - Sep. 10-12th

    They have their ways of knowing. In the following stream, they announced my name and the other winner and the number of fish types we caught, which was the maximum number at the time. It won't...
  25. Re: 13th Birthday Fishing Tournament - Sep. 10-12th

    I'm not doing it this time. I still haven't received my prize for winning the last one a few years ago where you have to catch every type of fish (I did tie with someone else, but it was considered...
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