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  1. New Stallion Quarterman Article + Code!

    "See what's to become of the Immortal Tapestry and collect your Paper Pulp to craft a Quartermane Standee later on."The standee will be interactive and say one-liners from Quartermane when used!

  2. Re: Grim Ferryman Pack + Crown Reward Event!

    Although that could be a bug, I'm willing to bet that the mount from the Crown Reward Event gives damage from the Stygian set. Can anyone confirm this? I suppose we'll know for sure when the game...
  3. Re: Grim Ferryman Pack + Crown Reward Event!

    Yeah, I saw on Twitter that Kingurz reported the same problem. For this holiday Pack being full price, the Crown Reward Event being another soulless cashgrab, and all of the new housing being No...
  4. Grim Ferryman Pack + Crown Reward Event!

    Let your fears flood you.

    Sail into your nightmares with exclusive hauntingly themed items in the all new Grim...
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    Re: Crown Sale!

    I agree with the OP, we need to see Classic Crown Sales return. It's just basic business strategy to encourage consumers to consume by putting things on sale. The fact that we're now on 2+ years...
  6. Re: Option to pause receiving experience?

    My Level 17 Sorcerer and Level 3 Diviner would appreciate this. There's always a limiting risk of leveling up with low level duelists that I wish we could avoid!

  7. Re: Are Throwback Weekend Gauntlets Worth Buying

    No, they are not. Each Gauntlet is selling for 10,000 Crowns, or $20.. That's the price of the entire bundle during a Palooza sale! Plus, all Gauntlets cannot be accessed through Castle Tours anymore...
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    Re: Game Patch for Sept. 30, 2021.

    Whatever happened to separating PvP nerfs from PvE? Bosses like Omen (Which were designed for regular Shatter) are going to be practically impossible now!
    And what about vetting these changes...
  9. Re: Select "Pets" Sale, 25% off, today only.

    Here are the prices for each pet that's on sale. KingsIsle is basically asking for $10 or more per pet!

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    Re: WizardFancy Font


    Wait, so you're telling me that you've found the font for Wizard101? If so, do you know if it's possible to somehow copy it into Photoshop so I can use it there?

  11. Re: Fall Crowns Reward Event, thru 9/28.

    Here are the reward tiers: ...
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    Re: Odd Clamoring Ghulture!


    That's just a visual glitch that can happen when you scroll by a pet that gives more unique item cards than another in your inventory. This bug has existed for a few years, and...
  13. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, Sept. 30th.

    Will we ever be able to remove the option to delete our Wizards from the character selection screen? Seeing it there always makes me nervous and I feel as if we should enter our Master...
  14. Re: Quartermane Standee recipe & new reagent?

    From what I've heard, this item will look like the 2-D, wooden Halloween stand decorations with one key difference: It'll be interactable and when used, will say one of this character's catchphrases!...
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    Re: The End of EU Servers?

    Yeah, Gamigo definitely kills games on purpose. Think of them as a car scrapping business that breaks down vehicles into raw metal they can sell at a profit. I theorize that they'll set this game's...
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    Re: Farming Titanium

    Buy Soft Hoods from the merchant in Unicorn Way and feed them to your pet. You can also try stalking the Bazaar!

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    The End of EU Servers?

    Initially announced on August 31st of this year, KingsIsle will no longer be offering Memberships that last longer...
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    Re: Blood Moss?

    If you setup a TC Mule in Nightside, you could effectively farm both areas by marking in Cyclops Lane too! There should be an abundance of Mana wisps to keep that blue globe topped off as well.

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    Re: Blood Moss?

    You could try scouring Graveyard and Castle Darkmoor while you're in Nightshade too!

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    Re: Best Way to Farm For Dragoon

    I've heard that King Detrius and Prince Viggor are the best spots for farming Alchemical reagents. Good hunting!

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    Re: Gamma Plushie Coming Soon!

    This plushie is pretty cute, though I'll regretfully have to pass on the price of $26.. Hopefully once KingsIsle gets the merch train rolling we'll see much more affordable prices!

  22. Re: What's the max percentage for high pip conversion?

    What I'm most curious about is the highest Pip Conversion possible for Life Wizards, and how much Life Conversion everybody else can achieve. 3 Pip Conversion Unicorns would be quite daunting to face...
  23. Re: New "Back to School" Housing Items.

    The School Locker is interactable, and appears to remain opened indefinitely until interacted with again. This housing item is sadly not tileable with itself, and costs 7,500 Gold each.

    IMHO, it...
  24. Re: New "Back to School" Housing Items.

    These are some nice housing items, but I'm pretty disappointed we can't buy them all with gold. Truthfully, these should all cost under 500 Crowns and be purchasable with Gold, especially since...
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    Re: What's your Max Energy?

    My max Energy is an even 260, although I should be able to increase that once my Tear Blossom drops some Energy Jewels. I also have a solid 41% Fishing Luck with my fishing set equipped!
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