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  1. Poll: Re: How do you like to do your Questing??

    I do everything on my main balance which includes: side quests, main quests, crafting, monstrology, badge farming, fishing, gardening, etc.
    My other chars only do the mainline quests and...
  2. Re: Karamelle Chunk Drop Rate Thread

    I'm getting some serious Loremaster 3.0 vibes from this reagent...

    I've made it about halfway through Karamelle solo, and I have yet to behold this reagent with my own eyes.
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    Re: How would you rebuild Central?

    @The Dragoness
    You make excellent points here, too. Twitter is a much more consumable and update/news-ready platform; lord knows W101 has fully transferred there entirely. Iíve also found myself...
  4. Re: Monthly Event Calendar, updated 1/15/21.


    Dude I feel the same way. Some of us don't want to have to fight all the time for points. Some us enjoy the individual time spent on our wizard's hobbies, and the additional rewards...
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    Re: How would you rebuild Central?

    I miss all the unique artists that were here as well :(

    When W101 started expanding, so did Central, so a lot of fan art got circulated and praised here. Most digital artists had stores to create...
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    Re: hi :)

    Welcome to Central! Hope you enjoy and make a lot of friends! If you ever need help just let me (or Central) know!
  7. Re: Faithful Dragoness Mount returns, thru Jan. 17th.

    I also bought my faithful dragoness with gold. All the dragons (blue, pink, red), along with the proud lion, royal lioness, and all the broomsticks, were originally mounts you could purchase with...
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    Re: How would you rebuild Central?

    Indeed; on the front page I always see this odd statistic: 1,378 online users; 1,341 of which are guests and 37 members. Why is that? In the past, Central had exclusive "Central only" items that they...
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    Re: How would you rebuild Central?

    You make a lot of excellent points! One of the first things that I realized when I joined Central is that the "New Posts" tab is practically the only if not most-used tab on this entire website. One...
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    How would you rebuild Central?

    This is meant as a friendly community question to programmers and non-programmers alike, but I'm wondering how would you rebuild Central?

    What would you add/remove? Would you change something...
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    Re: Arcade Section

    Agreed, I can't even imagine upgrading/migrating that entire wiki *shudders* However, I do think it'd be a fun project for those that already have some experience and would like to expand that...
  12. Re: Whats Your Favorite Mount/First

    My very first mount on my balance was the Royal Lioness. I road that sand kitty forever on the lands of my ancestors (Krokotopia). However, now that she's matured a bit (and I've made her my solid...
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    Poll: Re: What is your favorite school?

    Balance all the way. I just love the meaning behind the school, and I don't think I'll ever get over my favorite spell, Judgement.

    However, I have enjoyed Storm and Fire as their own schools....
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    Re: Chromaticat Vanished

    I had always hoped these new mounts would be permanent; it never made sense to me (and still doesn't) why they give us these extended time mounts. The whole point of a mount is to add aesthetic (and...
  15. Re: Long years but Merle Ambrose is calling!

    Welcome back Jesse! It's good to see you again :^^:

    Karamelle is a boon for gold; selling any piece of gear, even from the mobs, will net you at least 3,000-5,000+ gold each. Far better than...
  16. Re: Urgent prayers and well wishes for Lady Cat!!

    My childhood kitty was in an accident once, and her leg was completely shattered. They thought they would have to amputate it, but we decided to give metal pins a shot and see how she'd do. There was...
  17. Re: Urgent prayers and well wishes for Lady Cat!!

    Lady Cat has been like a sincere family member to Central; may she have the best life wizards and medicine take care of her, and a healing, swift recovery to follow.
    I found this poem that I hope...
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral: Day 8

    Same here, I've got enough of those Holiday Trees to build a Tree Farm... at least it would make for a good housing idea lol
  19. [AVAILABLE TO MIX] Re: 1st Generation Winter Prrresent

    Thank you so much for the hatch! Second hatch was a winner, and boy is this kitty cute! :D :cat68::present:
  20. [AVAILABLE TO MIX] Re: 1st Generation Winter Prrresent

    Would love a chance to hatch for this tonight! Thanks for offering! My wiz will be Saffron SwiftSong :)
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    Re: I've Been BANNED For No Reason!

    I would literally cry if I saw that message. My childhood game...gone...unbelievable.

    Cybersecurity is a tricky and difficult area to implement, but they could rectify a lot of these issues with...
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral: Day 2

    Got 30% this time, which I think is the highest I've ever gotten as I usually get the 10%, and maybe 20% once. Going to wait and see if there's any additional sales, but will likely use it on the...
  23. Re: Sweetcitrus Bear Plus Wartles equal school gummy bear

    They seem to easily transfer, thanks to MzDreamfire for the hatch tonight for the Coocoonut Bear! Though why they're all in a "Pyromantic Egg" confuses me...
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    Re: Looking for Central Friends

    I remember seeing y'all around Central, it's nice to welcome you back :) my old Central handle was bluecrystal5355, and I was mostly reclusive back in the day so I probably didn't chat much with...
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    Re: Winter 2020 Scroll of Fortune

    A temporary-mount reward again? :glare: At least make all the effort (3 months of grind) worth my while, geez
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