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  1. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    Triton avenue was most memorable to me, but favorite I would say Firecat Alley for the theme of it. :^^:
  2. Re: All of Wizard City should be free to play.

    From a marketing stand point I'd have to side with what Willow said, it's almost better to leave it as "Well you could finish x if you pay up" rather than letting them finish because that sense of...
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    Re: What Does Pride Mean To You?

    Pride is taking a deep breath and being happy with yourself, I'm proud of me! :1-1pulsing-heart:

    I'M SO STOKED to see that they're actively working towards some changes and not just making it a...
  4. Re: We believe your true self is your best self.

    I truly never thought I'd see the day one of my childhood games from my era openly making a post.

    Thank you MGI gaming and thank you KI :heart::cool3: It's truly best to be yourself!
  5. Re: How much do you care about having a "Perfect Pet"?

    I detest pet leveling/training so the perfect pet for me is the most usable card/whatever is cutest.

    Otherwise I've never had more than a random satyr with maybe 4% outgoing heal or resist of the...
  6. Re: Is there an up-to-date list of all the servers/countries W101 is available in?

    What I found interesting is that every other language besides English (US) is hosted by just the one publisher, "Gameforge" they're pretty decent in size (and number of games) for an MMO company...
  7. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    For as far in the past as it's been (I think I've only gotten 1 wizard through it fully)

    Marleybone! Was so starstruck with the night sky and ambience as a child it stuck with me forever. :^^:
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    Re: Game Update for May 5, 2021

    Curious who made the graphic, or if the notes were just delayed. Never trust all you see on the web that's for sure! :detective:
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    Re: Game Update for May 5, 2021

    Really curious why the lack of communication with three of the un-mentioned updates... One being the controversial critical revert (thank gosh) and two being the spell changes, finally the display of...
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    Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    I guess my last tidbit kinda echoes on the posts above, If there's a will there's a way.

    Similar to how people used speedchat in Toontown (Same as menu chat in Wizard101) to share true friend...
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    Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    I see both sides to it... IMO chat should be regulated separately based on chat level, I know that can still leave for vulnerable, but then that's up to the parents for e.x providing their child a...
  12. Re: Wizard101Devs: Regarding PvE Crit and Block.

    Not sure how I feel about caps, but it's probably inevitable, I left when the first reduced crit/block change occurred so not much change to me there.

    That aside, I hope they eventually split the...
  13. Re: Team Up Volunteer - What is the lowest level wizard that can see the button?

    I'd have to agree here, I finished Wizard city relatively early at 15 or so, 16 maybe so I think level should be ignored, willingness to help is as desirable as it needs to be. Granted I wouldn't...
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    Re: Updated Insane Bolt Spell

    To put it bluntly, thanks I hate it. :12:
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    Poll: Re: Rate The Spring Update!

    4 :001_tongue: I really go this far to appreciate the quality of life with the sped up animations (2) +2 points for the new gauntlet being cool.
  16. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    I'm not going to lie, the only decent thing was the sped up aoe's and I do think the new gauntlet was nicely themed.

    Everything else was "meh" received, some parts a lot more in ill favor than...
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    Re: How do I get this badge?

    :001_unsure: Good lord I can barely bare one.. Let alone, that's dedication. :oh:
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    Increase in intrusive ads?

    Just curious if anyone else is running into ads that are becoming increasingly intrusive.

    There's the normal banners at the top, side and wherever else I'm used to those no problem, but I've been...
  19. [TEST REALM] Re: "Skeleton Key Bundle" in Crown Shop on Test Realm.

    My image broke oops, was just highlighting the "Test only" portion at the bottom
    but that's a good eye :detective: didn't even see the original price, yuck :1346:
  20. [TEST REALM] Re: "Skeleton Key Bundle" in Crown Shop on Test Realm.

    Want? Yes sincerely everyone.

    Will they?

    No :sweatdrop:
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Damage / Resist Stat Revamp Thoughts

    We all expected this so I'm not too put off by it all, I'm still pleased that they learned to adjust pve/pvp separately at this point. :001_tongue:

    As another wizard stated though, with these...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Spellement Pathes

    I hate to be "that" person but I have to 100% agree, these linear paths defeat the very purpose as to why I saw spellwrighting to be a feature worth having, if it's just adding a grindy path to...
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    Re: Happiest W101 memories

    I probably have put this same memory in so many threads, but still to this day.

    I remember so vividly when I got my first Wizard to Marleybone and walking through that spiral door and out to the...
  24. Re: Idea: Thoughts on an in-game Voice Feature

    Yeah absolutely not, those that are of age will find means to talk outside, it being in game would just cause youngin's to be exposed, especially because "Filtering or moderating" voice chat is...
  25. Re: If you could come up with a new Stat, what would it be?

    I'd love to see a broken stat or two:

    "Wizard's luck" You take 0 damage when you otherwise would have been defeated (Kind of like a dodge rate but only in effect if it was a fatal hit)
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