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    Re: Mana Burn Idea

    I have another idea. Cap damage to loremaster (235-315) still remove 3 pips. That way enchant makes it worth only right under 600. THat way it a utility spell as designed and will only be used when...
  2. To celebrate the only spell with it own theme song. and it did the mash...

    I wanted to do this for a while now

  3. Re: What other spells would you like to see trainable/learned?

    4 pip dot for myth, life, and storm. Storm and life need a way for remove shields more effectively (fire, death, ice, balance) all have 4 or 5 pip dot spell. Myth already has the best utility dots...
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    Re: Wysteria Spellemental Pack

    Spellment packs should have guarenteed spellments in each pack even if it not the one you want since the spellment amount is randomized you still going to spend a great deal of crowns to update the...
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    Re: Fall Scroll of Fortune

    The first item the best item as the hades gem can be gotten in game ...
  6. There should be more universal utility spells across all schools

    I been thinking. Mana burn is so strong due to the amount of damage and the pip removed from a target. Being low pip 5 or less make it one of balances more functional spells in it rotation over many...
  7. Re: Lemuria Difficulty, what are your thoughts?

    I think it have some challenge to it but Main story will be easy but side quest will be harder. This will give casual players some challenge without being to hard but give hard core players a...
  8. While we in test please add the spellements to loot and quest rewards!

    I never never understood why ki goes through all the work of making spells and spell paths and make spellments nearly impossible to get. I think if kingsisle really serious about spellments. For the...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Opinions on new spells?

    Comments in bold.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Opinions on new spells?

    While they could of worked some spells in sooner. I think they choose 45 to be even across the board but some spell could of been sooner while other would be very powerful if they were given sooner...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Opinions on new spells?

    This spell can be broken in pvp tbh

    This minion only generate threat only. With the new threat system you can spam this minion so your forcing your oppenent to attack your minion....
  12. Re: What do you think the tiers this meta are?

    Balance will get hit hard when mana burn get nerfed as that there main damage spell which in turns affect the meta
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    I just fizzled... I don't get this

    So i was on my life and i casted Forest lord with 90% accuracy. I get 16% from gear/gem bonuses which means i should never fizzle. Is Accuracy now capped at 97-99% so there that 1-3% chance you will?
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    Re: Game Updates for June 23, 2021

    May cast can work for an against you. It a legit strat as long as there casting when it logical and in proper amounts. Some of the may cast wands have extremely high may cast rates such as may cast...
  15. Illustated reason why something about death doesn't add up.

    So i thought about learning death pvp particularly at legend and i noticed that death drains are constantly closer to ice/ life damage then of balance in which recent dev diary matched it to.

  16. Re: Summer Scroll of Fortune, now thru Aug. 31st

    For those that have to buy 3rd party for kroger gems this is a "perfect scroll". Actually maycast dragon lance is really strong on the right pet with a decent cast rate. The other stuff is a added...
  17. Finally finished phase 1 and 2 of of my life support pets

    While everyone one aware of my Mc Hexi Heal pet. I just finished my upgrade but type 2 heal pet. I got lucky with healing pets this 2x xp weekend. Below i explain how i use both pet and how they aid...
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    Re: Most challenging W101 memories

    2. Clocktower pre celestia quest at the time
    3. Those ice crabs in celestia before the nerf well most of celestia before the nerf were mobs often one shotted you.
    4. Waterworks......
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    Re: Simplify and Elucidate?

    These spells only reduce the cost of said spell. It does not reduce the damage. Orthrus does 700 now so it would do 700 but with 5 or 6 pips. With that in mind orthrus would be castable round 1 in...
  20. Re: How random is random really in this game? (Conspiracy theory)

    Still seems weird to me that one wizard you luck can be crappy in so many areas while on others it like it raining in one area or the next. And even Maycast are often given aprox and not exact if the...
  21. How random is random really in this game? (Conspiracy theory)

    Have you ever made a maycast pet perhaps a multi heal pet and it virtually never healed you? Have you ever took that same pet moved it over to another wizard and like magic it seems to heal spam like...
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    Re: Pet Ability: Dot Doctor

    Dot doctor has a fair cast rate. It cast at the end of the turn normally. The only trigger for it to cast is having a dot on you.
  23. Poll: Re: The Problem with Necromancers in Wizard101

    Note: Yes i aware it a older thread. But comments below

    1. Death drains now get full benefit of damage enchants. However drains aren't weaker then normal spells as per pip there more efficient...
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    Re: Weekly spellment pack subcription?

    Bro your a life saver! I would of never figured this out! Thanks!
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    Weekly spellment pack subcription?

    So i bought one on both my accounts but i cant find the actual pack... How does this thing actual work. How will i know if it applied to my account and where do i actually find it if i have to...
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