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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Toucan't

    Hey sunshine, I won't be able to make it this evening anymore. I'll message you early next week about my availability for the Toucan't. I appreciate your reply though :) Have a good 4th of July!
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Toucan't

    Hey sunshine, apologies for the late reply. I'm able to meetup tomorrow (wed june 29) between 6-10pm MDT. Just let me know if that works. If not, I'll have to wait until next week because of long...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Toucan't

    Looking for a Toucan't. I knew I had one at one point but I must have trashed it. Thanks!
  4. Re: Crowns Sale, 25% off, $60 for 60,000 Crowns

    Hmmm.......if I hadn't just bought a new iPad, I would have money for some crowns, but oh well. Good for those who just got out of school for the summer though.
  5. Re: What do you think you're best at in the game?

    Saying lol too much, lol.
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    Re: Just a Thought

    Considering that this game is based on manipulative NPCs using us as their pawns for defeating monsters they're too lazy to fight, I dunno what that'd do do change the game because they'd find other...
  7. Jewels above the Sparkling Tier from Jewel Blossoms

    Sparck Eric Stormbringer Arthur Wethersfield

    I just want to know if there are any plans to have Dazzling and Amazing jewels drop from the jewel blossom plants. The highest health opals for example...
  8. Re: Do you think Reverse Crafting will ever be possible?

    I tend to come back to the analogy of mixing milk, flour, baking soda, eggs, oil, vanilla, salt, and brown sugar together in a bowl. Whatís the likelihood I would be able to unmix the waffle batter...
  9. Re: "Free Membership, all accounts, thru 6/20"

    My renewal date has not changed so I don't think they're doing it. Which kind of stinks, but all in all it's only a couple dollars. Not a huge deal. At least it will bring people back to give them a...
  10. Re: "Free Membership, all accounts, thru 6/20"

    Does this mean players like me who pay on a monthly basis will have the membership renewal date proactively pushed 1 week into the future? If Iím only getting 3 paid weeks on a month membership, that...
  11. Re: "The Five B.O.X.E.S. Event" - thru June 21st

    It's crazy to think about how level 80 used to be the max level of this game at one point in time (the level the Avalon box was designed for originally). Now it's just a little over half of what the...
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    Re: What ever happened to ....

    A more expanded usage of the Grizzleheim and Dragonspyre crafting stations. Which should in turn bring new housing item recipes. Maybe even new crafted houses? The last one was what....Treetop...
  13. Re: Enough Corporate Pride, KI: We Need Action!

    1. I really don't care if KI decides to add or change the content in order for us to feel more included. I've been playing the game for 11 years and haven't had an issue with the relationships...
  14. Re: Should i get dragoon for fire and ice?

    I agree with Dylan, itís nice to have. Contrary to what I said during test realm, Iíve actually been able to mix ní match the dragoon and merciless gear in order to maintain perfect pips and accuracy...
  15. Re: New Rainbow Roller Mount, & Pride Month!

    I think we need to stop with the whole "this game is targeted towards kids" argument because parents (and/or legal guardians) should not let the internet teach their kids for them 100% of the time....
  16. Re: Early Release of Game Patch Notes for May 25, 2022.

    Hold on, youíre telling me that they added Loremaster spellements that almost completely negates the nerf that happened to the card a few years ago? I donít understand this change at all. If they...
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    Re: What's your level total?!!

    150 Life + (2*150 Myth) + 150 Ice + 150 Death + 150 Balance + 150 Fire + 150 Storm + (2* 66 Ice) = 1332
  18. Re: Best interactions with others with the same name!

    I haven't seen the exact name of my main wizard Dakota MoonHunter, but I've seen a good handful of MoonHunters roaming the spiral. If I recall, the most interaction I have had with those wizards...
  19. Re: What bizarre npc animal do you want to see next??

    Mcqueen and Mater. Or just more automated things. Bat Bots are too simplistic at this point.
  20. Re: Spellement Drop locations confirmations

    I might just have to try your dual box method. I have an extra character slot on both so may as well take advantage of it while I can.
  21. Re: My Deepest apologies to my Central Family and Friends

    You hit the nail on the head Dylan. A lot of my responses on these threads, especially in the last few years have been impulsive. Mainly to share my likes and distastes about updates in that very...
  22. Re: The Day that Derby died - how could you KI?

    This! Ranked PvP or Derby have never been side activities that I took a part in, but I do know that it was for a lot of people. Occasionally I would see Pet Warlords running around the spiral and...
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    Re: Rewarding Loyalty

    The definition of "loyalty" they're using is pretty loaded. It's not retroactive, meaning anyone who's put in hundred or even thousands of dollars into this game over the last 13+ years is put into...
  24. Re: Spring 2022 Game Update - Bugs or Issues (Live Realm)

    Were arena ticket rewards removed from tournaments? When I hover over the gift box in the tournament lineup, it says "No Rewards" rather than "Arena Tickets Only" like pre-update.

    Also the cost...
  25. [TEST REALM] Re: Wizard101Devs: How to get World Spellements.

    This is how I see it:

    1. "Be a low level. We'll show the high levels the door."
    2. "Buy Energy Elixirs and Purreau's Potions to train spellement-specific pets."
    3. "Buy Energy Elixirs since...
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