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  1. Re: Darkmoore and its terrible drop rate

    I can't comment on some aspects of your trials, but what I can clear up is the differing amounts of exp that you got. It's been known for a long time that exp is dished out at a rate of 3 exp per PIP...
  2. Re: Darkmoore and its terrible drop rate

    Not dying is certainly good advice just because DM Malistaire has 2 separate drop tables for its forms, but otherwise I've seen nothing to suggest that what you do in the battle and how long you last...
  3. Re: Spring Spell Update Sneak Peek!

    I think it's also worth adding, because this happens every teaser cycle, that KI never shows everything that's going to be in an update. This is clearly one of many new additions as is always the...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see stacking stopped (with no retroactive ban) as well. Plant stacking was/is only tolerated because to patch it would also require patching general house...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    100% agreed. I mute them when we get close to story content "season" so that I don't get spoilers for that stuff, but all other times of the year they're a net positive for the playerbase. The...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    Honestly, I'm not sure this would really do anything despite Sparck's reply. The dataminers are very well known in the community on other websites, and they're even followed by some of the devs who...
  7. Re: an idea for an update to give shadow magic

    Risk vs reward is the very core of Shadow Magic, if you ask me. It shouldn't be something you should be able to freely and easily use, but it would still have to be much better than this (and, quite...
  8. Re: Former KI Employees now employed at Wimo Games.

    On Central, perhaps, but engagement was frequent on places like Twitter long before then as well. I know there's a lot of people here who are for some reason repulsed by the idea of interacting with...
  9. Re: Former KI Employees now employed at Wimo Games.

    It does seem like the community has been very unreceptive of that change as well. Tom and Leah had such a powerful chemistry that lends itself to lots of comedic moments, combined with Tom's clear...
  10. Re: The real question we should be asking about Karamelle

    I feel this with a lot of pronunciations. I live in the US, but I consume so much British-created media that I often use the wrong local pronunciation without realizing it sounds weird to whoever I'm...
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    Re: Review video

    Just want to highlight this part of your comment. Doesn't the idea that they "ban paying customers" counter your assertion that they're also money hungry in their practices? If anything, this is a...
  12. Re: Any New world speculations or theories??

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that the Avalon storyline makes plainly clear that The Wild, The Wyrd, and Dun Dara are the parts that make up the larger whole known as The Weirwood, making...
  13. Re: Permanent Reindeer Knight on Myth Wizard

    Unfortunately no, it's stuck on that wizard indefinitely. If it was spellements, you could transfer those like reagents, but that's the closest thing we have to spell trading.

    EDIT: Dang you...
  14. Re: Updated hairstyle colors in crown shop

    I've been wanting this for a long time. There's definitely some missing shades of color, and dark blue is one I've really wanted for my Myth wizard.
  15. Re: Afterthoughts about Karamelle

    Agreed on most of that, but I'm not sure the fishing is an indication. Have we ever had a world release with fishing already built in? I think it's something they're just working their way up the...
  16. Re: Afterthoughts about Karamelle

    As much as I enjoyed myself with Karamelle's story, the world itself does feel pretty empty. I think you hit the nail on the head for a lot of reasons why. I just wonder if they were unable to make...
  17. Re: Afterthoughts about Karamelle

    1. Your question about Maulwurf (and possibly many other questions you may have) is answered in THIS thread over on the official message boards. I think you should take a look.

    2. I'd be surprised...
  18. Re: Ice Reindeer Knight- Why no pvp ?

    Ratbeard does PvP live streams on the same platform (but different account) as KI Live, so there's that.
  19. Re: Ice Reindeer Knight- Why no pvp ?

    Of all the lore spells they could ban, I don't really see the issue with this one. Reindeer Knight is an extremely common drop from Loremaster during the holidays, so there's no actual reason to...
  20. Re: Membership Access - from '12 Days of the Spiral'

    Would be nice if the forums were reworked to, instead of being exclusive to members, allow non-members in after the account reaches a certain age. My account is about 12 years at this point, and it...
  21. Re: Easy Improvements - Castle Magic

    -More camera options. Currently if you want an overhead camera, you have to use the one that zooms out. There's no static overhead camera. In fact, I'd like all the camera spells to be consolidated...
  22. Re: Is there a way to buy arena tickets through the crown shop?

    It might go without saying, but in case you're unaware I just want to mention that PvP gear reduces your mana to zero, in case you were planning to use the gear for stats as opposed to just...
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    Re: 27 Worlds in the Spiral

    Jaki isn't confirmed as being form Wallaru, so I'm not sure I follow that, but I DO think that Wallaru is likely to be the next world (especially with the care that went into the Judge Veg model,...
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    Re: 27 Worlds in the Spiral

    A full world of Darkmoor in Wizard101 would be amazing, because I feel like there's far too much untapped potential by just leaving it as a dungeon area. I'd say the same about Aquila if it didn't...
  25. Re: Quest "There's a Hole in your Mine"

    If I'm thinking about the right quest, I think it was just a matter of exiting the mines and going to the main Nibbleheim city area. The quest arrow was pointing me incorrectly during that, but the...
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