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  1. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I was just going to post this but you beat me to it. lol
    I Googled it and it came right up. I'll try and add it to the Castle Tours in case anyone wants to fish and check it out. Don't forget to...
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    Re: My Crown account is almost empty

    I remember back in the good old days when we had crown sales all the time.
    I used to buy crowns ALL THE TIME too. Now I buy them much less frequently than I used to.
    Especially with prices going...
  3. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I just searched it on Google and it came right up as well as all the YouTube reviews of it.
    I'll see if I can add it to Castle Tours once I d/l in case anyone wants to go fishing.
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    Re: Are you a competitive player?

    I've mostly always play solo due to my crazy schedule so while I do try to get good gear and do my best to get a fairly good pet it's mostly to make things easier for myself and if I happen to help...
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    Re: Bad Weather

    Like Dylan, being in MA we really only need worry about Nor'easters, Hurricanes, that kind of thing mainly.
    All things that can be forecast sometimes days in advance. We did have an earthquake last...
  6. Re: New "Item:Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet Bundle"

    I have a question as I haven't really done many of these gauntlets even though I have quite a few at my Candied Isle Village. I've crafted the ones I could craft including this one.
    My question is...
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    Re: New Dread and Grim Loch Mounts

    Sorry about that. I edited my original post to include they were from the new packs.
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    New Dread and Grim Loch Mounts

    These are 2 of the Loch Monsters from the new Unforgiven Dead Pack.
    Sorry couldn't get my print screen to work so used Printkey 2000.
    I couldn't get the speed box for that reason showing they are...
  9. Re: "Questions and Tips for KI Live, Apr. 28"

    We received a 30 day Petalfarthing Mount in the Spring 2021 Scroll of Fortune.
    Just wondering if there are any plans to release it this year? Which mount is your favorite?
  10. Re: "Retiring of 4th Age arena tickets - redeem them now!"

    I appreciate you at least bringing it up to the team. I know many of us have been here for many years and while I didn't PVP I did try to do the Daily Assignments on all my wizards as much as...
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    Re: Are you a Spiral Hoarder?

    Oh good I'm not the only one. I don't feel so bad now,
    I'm even more ashamed to admit I'm happy there's a new elixer in Test Realm
    that will up the housing limit another 50 items.
  12. Re: "Retiring of 4th Age arena tickets - redeem them now!"

    I have to admit after a few bad experiences doing PVP years ago (people being really nasty)I stopped trying.
    When we got Daily assignments I did them to hopefully *someday* get one of the Gorilla...
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    Re: New Gardening Suggestions

    This is something I would also like to see using Enchanted Soil (or Ultra Enchanted Soil?) or at least allow us to craft Beastmoon planters using up some of the Beastmoon Idols I have piling up in my...
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    Re: Are you a Spiral Hoarder?

    I have 10 pages on my gift list thing on the side full of stuff from bundles I haven't redeemed yet waiting to see if they will maybe up the level on some of them, or if some of my lower level...
  15. Re: What do you think about school-themed gear?

    I've had a couple of my wizards in school themed gear at times. Depends on my mood and the time of the year etc. Right now my Ice and Myth are. I have to admit though, I don't always stick to my...
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    Re: Are you a Spiral Hoarder?

    We can have 14 in every castle? I thought each wizard was only allowed 14 total.
    If so I have a lot more crafting to do!!! =)

    Yes, I am also a hoarder .... um... Collector lol
    You never know...
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    Re: Phantastic Jinn - odd failure

    Are you using it in PVP? If not it's only a PVP spell not for use against mobs or Bosses.
    I was confused at first with my schools spells until i realized this....
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    Re: Something Yummy This Way Comes

    Being from New England and from one of the top fishing ports in the country I'd have to start with Glam Chowder then an order of Cold Cod with French Fries followed by some 10 pound cake for dessert...
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    Re: New "KI Live Snack Pack".

    Here are some shots of my KI LIVE Snack Pack.Also all No Auction
    My print screen was giving me grief so I just used my PrintKey2000 to snag the shots.


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    Re: Elixir sale 25% off

    Would be nice if we could buy them then store them for later.
    I bought a few castle ones thinking I could store them in my shared bank but nope.
    My Ice had 3 of them on her hopefully if I go to...
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    Re: Returning player!

    Welcome back and Good Luck with your pet hatching! =)
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    Re: Funniest Superstitions?!

    Don't knock over the milk bottle or you won't get any good drops.
    Make sure you say good boy or girl when your pet heals.
    If you don't get in the battle together you won't get the good drops.
  23. Re: Have you ever needed to Unistall and Reinstall the W101?

    Yes I had to reinstall because I had no sound at all in the game even though I had sound with everything else.
    Also when going to my houses it took a long time for everything to load.
  24. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, March 31, 2022.

    In the past few months we've gotten codes for Super Fan Boots and Super Fan Headphones.
    Some have been lucky to also get the Super Fan T-Shirt.
    Are there any plans for a Super Fan Wand...
  25. Re: Sometimes, you need to "edit" yourself before you "step in it"

    I also have a handicap placard. I've had my right hip replaced and both knees are on their way to being replaced which I'm putting off as long as i can. My back is now bone on bone, disks are just...
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