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  1. [TEST REALM] Re: "Calling all veteran Wizards! Raids are now on Test Realm!"

    I think I'm going to have to be the opposing opinion here.

    I'm always excited when new updates arrive, whether they challenge me to step out of my comfort zone or cater to what I enjoy. They're...
  2. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, June 30, 2022.

    [Question] What are some of your favorite memories of summer (i.e. vacation with family, playing Wizard, camping, etc.)?

    [Tip] If you're starting to run out of Treasure Card space, look at your...
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    Re: Forum Gold Raffle

    I continue to enjoy playing after many years for the storyline, lore, and of course, magic!
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    Poll: Re: What would you prefer KI do?

    I don't know if this is necessarily -breaking- the game, but I still run into issues where I think I've defeated the boss, only to find the next round continuing with an invisible boss that...
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    Poll: Re: What would you prefer KI do?

    Honestly, I'd rather they fix bugs (especially major ones) before any major updates. Leaving any sort of game-breaking bugs in the game, well, -bugs- me being a previous developer. At some point...
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    This looks great! I love seeing art submissions making their way back here; it's really refreshing to see.

    I've stepped into this digital art realm as well, but haven't really committed myself...
  7. [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Looking for retired Frostzilla (storm school)

    I actually managed to obtain 2 Frostzillas back in the day, though I only grabbed a screenshot one of them at the time. Whew that was awhile back! I always hoard my old items from back then so here's...
  8. Re: The Day that Derby died - how could you KI?

    I have to say, this was a pretty harsh change. And for no communication to go out regarding this, why is that? I used to play Derby back in the day all the way to Captain, and it was pretty fun and...
  9. Re: "Questions and Tips for KI Live, Apr. 28"

    Question: Will the other events (such as Pet Promenade and Spiral Scene) for the scroll of fortune have unlimited points to earn (such as beastmoon and deckalathon) in the future?

    Tip: For wizards...
  10. Re: "Retiring of 4th Age arena tickets - redeem them now!"

    From what I can see, decisions that were made in the past that were originally positive for the community are now whiplashing back at KI as they attempt at a clean slate.

    I personally think this...
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    Re: New Pet:Auspicious Tiger.

    I honestly didn't think they were going to remove the Auspicious Ox from the Crown shop when they introduced the new pet. This makes me so sad, because I was waiting to purchase them both at the same...
  12. Re: Illustrated Guide to Fished Avalon Housing Items

    So I tried my luck with gathering as many of these fishable housing items from Avalon as I could this past week during the Fishing benefit for Members. I wanted to share my findings after a solid 4...
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    Re: "State of the Games - 2021 Wrap Up"

    "We also started work on some of the larger social systems, beginning with Adventure Parties. We built more into its functionality and responded to feedback as Wizards got a chance to try it on for...
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    Re: Warm Wishes!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to everyone here; I'm looking forward to another great year with all of you :)

    Thank you all for everything you do; spend some time taking care of yourselves...
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    Re: Free Crowns!

    A whole 250 for me...nothing more, nothing less :score001:
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    Re: Lady Cat Ceremony Videos.

    Thank you for sharing, editing, and uploading all of this, I really appreciated seeing the speech and march. I'm finally catching up to a lot of Central threads from a busy week.

    Albeit a short...
  17. Re: The Coven's Yuletide Stitch Contest - MULTIPLE Prizes

    Oh dear, I'm afraid this is one of my favorite types of contests. I haven't really been able to keep up with all the events going on and irl events, but I did want to enter this contest if at all...
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    Re: New Year's Treant Pet - 2021.

    Anyone know if this pet is hatchable? I'm a bit curious since it's not tradeable, wondering if it's the same situation as with the Auspicious Ox.
    If it is hatchable, I'd love a hatch if anyone's...
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    Re: Lady Cat Ceremony.

    Sigh, I'm really sorry I missed this. The event I had ran over and I just couldn't leave in time. I was available all day yesterday but today was just too jam-packed with important family stuff I...
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    Re: Just Noticed

    Heyyyy congratz! You're on a whole 'nother diamond league now lol ;)
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    Re: Day 2 Mystery Discount & Updated Packs

    Alas, I received the 10% discount so I'll be passing up buying anything this time around :cat74:
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    Re: New "Charity Hippogriff Mount".

    @Dylan Windwalker already knows my opinion on this, but I just don't like some of these charity mounts.

    They have so many animals they could choose from that could represent the holidays, like:...
  23. Re: What Will You Do With Your Free Membership(s)?

    Just thought I'd point this out, but due to the membership the scroll of fortune is also half off!
  24. Re: Anyone else keep losing connection today?

    I've been having this issue on and off ever since the update, however it's been happening more so lately. About a month or so ago I kept having crashes out the wazoo, I'm talking like 4-6 full on...
  25. Re: Ideally what do want your wizard(s) to ultimately look like?

    I've had many outfits throughout my years playing, I love stitching so much I typically have 3 outfits for each char :001_wub:

    My main stuck with the tan/purple outfit for the longest time, which...
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