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  1. Thread: The Devourer

    by timta10

    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: The Devourer

    Ooh - I'd be down to try it. I've read everywhere that the dungeon is near impossible without bad juju. Maybe someone else on this thread will have a death account to help out with it as well? I am a...
  2. Thread: The Devourer

    by timta10

    [US - HELP WANTED] The Devourer

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post in a while. I've come back to wiz with the recent update, and am now finally trying to finish the Drains on my main account. I've tried using the team-up...
  3. Re: Mirage is TOO EASY! Whats the fun in killing mobs with one blade?

    You say that those who can't devote hours to this game must work on time management or should quit the game? What? Last I checked Wizard101 was a game, not a job. This is supposed to be a fun past...
  4. Re: Mirage is TOO EASY! Whats the fun in killing mobs with one blade?

    I think a 5 minute boss battle across the board is largely an exaggeration. I haven't played Mirage in a few months, so you might be referring to that. But in my experience boss battles could take...
  5. Re: Mirage is TOO EASY! Whats the fun in killing mobs with one blade?

    Its all about time. Not to say casual players do not try to look for help, but there is a clear majority of players (regardless of age) who don't have the time to devote hours of gameplay to find...
  6. Re: Mirage is TOO EASY! Whats the fun in killing mobs with one blade?

    I will say this.. There are younger wizards, with either menu chat or text chat, who wear random drop gear and do not have extreme skill. This intended demographic is increasingly being pushed out of...
  7. Re: Mirage is TOO EASY! Whats the fun in killing mobs with one blade?

    Everyone here who without compromise wants more difficulty because of the level, is forgetting one crucial point: not every person who plays this game is maxed out stat wise, with an ability or the...
  8. Re: Please Change Participation Trophy in New Crafting Recipes

    I am coming out of my wiz retirement for a sec to relay my thoughts.. I think its such a bad decision on the part of KI, and I cannot believe that this idea was even accepted to be put into test. For...
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Looking for help--Shadowwock

    I have been trying at this for a good 2 hours now with various team up teams, to no avail lol. I am a 119 fire wiz.

    I'm outside the sigils to the south time dunes in realm scarecrow if anyone is...
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    Re: Wizard101 Mini Time Capsule Version 3

    I'm happy to see that this is still a thing :-) Can't believe its been four years since I made the first time capsule, lol. Thank you HaleyRavenHeart and Allison DeathWielder for continuing the...
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    Poll: Which world do you want an expansion on?

    I remember post Avalon many people wanted either a mooshu or a wysteria expansion when I did a similar poll. So now, just looking to see how it is nowadays..

    Personally, I would love a DS, MS, WS,...
  12. Re: Don't let the door hit you and other assorted oddities

    I think the main reason with the "I quit" threads are that the OPs of each thread want to see change in the game again, so that they enjoy it. Maybe threads of regular constructive criticism are not...
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    Re: Ratsputin is hard for casual players

    Reading guides on how to do the dungeon
    Explaining to other slightly more unprepared people than you how to do the dungeon]
    Telling them to update gear/change pets, explaining the reasoning behind...
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    Re: Ratsputin is hard for casual players

    Most of you on this forum are hardcore, or close to it. There are some casuals here, but there are less. So most of you don't understand the casual perspective. You say its easy to do, or easy to...
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    Re: Wizard101 Mini Time Capsule

    OH wow, me from 2013 you were so immature lol.

    I am a casual fan of the hunger games now. I don't really play w101 or p101 anymore cause they've gotten boring to me. Plus I've had school to...
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    Poll: Re: how many other games

    Pretty much all I play right now:
    -GTA V (PS4)
    -COD AW (PS4)

    Don't really have time for games, barely play the above aforementioned ones. Too busy with school/track/the walking...
  17. Re: If you could changed one thing about wizard101 what would it be?

    I'd increase the drop rates for both malistaire (darkmoor) and Morganthe

    I'd also remove a ton of cheats from the final dungeon so its doable to majority of the wizard populace without having...
  18. Re: TAS Request Center - Assistance For ALL Bosses, Dungeons & Towers In ALL Worlds

    Hey! Long time no see!

    Your Wizard's Name / School / Level - Timothy DeathShard/Storm/100
    Type Of Chat (Menu, Filtered Or Open) - Open
    World and Area (Example: Azteca - Twin Giants, etc.) - WC-...
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Darkmoor Part 2 Quest

    Are there any people willing to help with this? I am a 100 storm, and I really want glowbug. My name is Timothy DeathShard and I am waiting outside in the scarecrow realm.

    Thank you for any help,...
  20. Thread: The Doom Tree

    by timta10

    [US - HELP WANTED] The Doom Tree

    Hey all,

    Looking for help with the doom tree fight on my ice (Timothy FrostRiver-100) in Khrysalis.. Anyone?

    Much obliged. I am in the scarecrow realm outside

    EDIT- Found a group. If it...
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    Re: The INSANE issues with Castle Darkmoor Grave

    Its not the drop rates, but its not the difficulty either. Its the insane amount of cheats (minus those of shane von shane) that each boss has that are easy to get around, but are used in such rapid...
  22. Re: What does this icon mean in my fishing basket?

    I believe it means that those fish are "small fry" or very small in size.. :detective:
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Proof, Defy, Fairy, Pain

    I am looking to hatch out health gift out of my sun serpent (that has a planned hatch coming up hopefully after I get health gift out. Right now it has proof and health gift. Anyone with proof, fairy...
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    [AVAILABLE TO MIX] Re: Damage and stuffs

    Wizard Name: Timothy Storm Vault

    Times availible: (with time zones) Between 7-10 PM EST on weekdays, All day on weekends

    Pet you want to hatch with: Epic Fabled Serpent :D

    Ty so much!

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    Re: So sick of this KI NICE JOB

    It is KI's fault, for making the dungeon in the way that casual/semi casual players and even good ones can take 4-6 hours on it with strategy
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