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    Re: Why is Wizard101 Central

    I think a large part of it is that players don't frequently check here often. Part of it is also not many players knowing that central is a place people can go to for pet hatches, most individuals...
  2. Re: A pet Milestone - 1000 different pets

    At this point, Ki should gift you a Sheep pet anyways lol I vaguely remember the friendly dragon, or was it the summer dragon that I'm thinking of... that's wayyyyy back :sweatdrop:
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    If you were the boss of Ki....

    How would you progress differently? What would you change? But at the same time, how would you ensure that Ki gains revenue?

    This is a difficult question because we don't know the specifics of...
  4. Why so many No-Auction housing items?!

    This thread really sums up to: What are your opinion on No Auction housing items?

    Lately, Ki has been releasing a lot of housing items that are no auction and not many items have been auctionable,...
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    Re: Best pet for Ice school

    Any pet that gives a Ice Blade, Elemental Blade, or Sharpen Blade item card

    So pets like Buddy Bot, Shiverous Knight, Snow Beast, Icedactyle, and Mountain Yeti to name a few with Ice Blade Item...
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    Re: Sea Lord Respawn

    Leave it to Ki to leave a bug roaming around for nearly a decade :pcguru:
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    Re: Sea Lord Respawn

    I experienced this too a couple of months ago back when my Storm was in Dragonspyre. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I don't know how other players do this but somehow they spawn him using the...
  8. Re: How long can you farm one single thing??

    For me, I think it really depends on what I'm doing outside of the game like if I'm listening to a youtube video or a podcast, I could probably farm for hours until that ends. But if I didn't have...
  9. Re: Crowns Sale, 25% off, $60 for 60,000 Crowns

    If I had to choose between bucket of crowns or an iPad, I definitely would have picked the iPad
  10. Re: Want does your perfect house look like to you?

    I need the Fortress of Solitude from the Superman Comics but like maybe more balance-y but not necessarily like a sand dune version
  11. Want does your perfect house look like to you?

    Regardless of what housing items you would decorate that house with, I'm talking more about the foundational structure of the house. What would your perfect house look like? Is there a house already...
  12. Re: What's the Story Behind Your Avatar?

    I think this was some stock artwork found on Google Images. I should bother to get a legitimate W101 related Avatar but there's nobody around who I know who could do that around but my fault really,...
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    Re: TAG! You're It!

    I feel like I've talked about everything now lol
    Kris for keeping me afloat
  14. Re: Crowns Sale, 25% off, $60 for 60,000 Crowns

    I definitely feel the omen in the clouds that Ki is planning on trying to implement something that costs a lot of crowns. What I suspect now is that some features of the Guilds will be locked by a...
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    Re: TAG! You're It!

    Caspeen for saving me from grueling quests like Beastman Fight Club a few days ago now lol
  16. How long can you farm one single thing??

    I managed to get two of my storm's Dragoon gear pieces using two 1-hour Double Reagent potions that I received through codes at some point but I haven't bothered to start off getting my last piece (I...
  17. Locking on a particular viewing perspective

    Placing a Castle Block in a house, you're automatically switched to an aerial view facing downwards.

    Using Gardening or Housing, you're perspective lifts and slopes down slightly.

  18. Re: "Guilds Roundtable", June 23rd, 4pm CT.

    Sounds like Ki has learned nothing about the problem with Adventure Guilds... or maybe they were unaware of the problem of Adventure Guilds... cause they never went online and cleaned the dust off...
  19. Re: "Guilds Roundtable", June 23rd, 4pm CT.

    That's how it goes and that's how it always has been. To call it a "RoundTable" is incorrect (and not just because there is literally no "Round Table" lol), its barely a discussion because everybody...
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    Re: Enlarging Fish in Aquariums?

    I've never seen it myself so I'm assuming its not possible lol maybe you could make everything else small in a Sunken palace and then the fish would be larger than everything else but that's not the...
  21. Re: Got Couch Potatoes from Daily Assignments

    I've gotten an unusually high number of Couch Potatoes while questing too (17 up to Inner Athanor, Empyrea), though I don't have enough to make a large plot of them, eventually maybe I will but I...
  22. Re: "Rasputin's Surprises" quest... A glitch, maybe?

    I just saw this. I was able to get through Polaris on my storm like a week ago without any trouble so its not so much as a problem with the quest itself but maybe its a glitch with circumstances...
  23. Re: "Guilds Roundtable", June 23rd, 4pm CT.

    I hope this WhiteTiger93 person has seen the considerations and thoughts told by the various threads about Guilds here on Central. I wish it were possible to have an individual specifically from...
  24. Re: What do you think you're best at in the game?

    Dylan has almost all of the recipes in the game except for the real expensive ones (cause I'm poor lol) but like 144 pages of gear recipes (still gathering more but I gotta balance out gold with my...
  25. What do you think you're best at in the game?

    What do you think you're best at in the game?

    I think I'm really good at getting gear (I have what I would call the "best gear" already in all of my wiz, except the Dragoon Storm Hat, which I will...
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