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    Re: Creative Badge Ideas!

    Chest Breaker - Open 50 Chests

    Chest Cracker - Open 100 Chests

    Tons of Treasure - Open 200 Chests
  2. Re: Enough Corporate Pride, KI: We Need Action!

    (Idk how to do multiple quotes yet lol)

    I would enjoy to see Mellori get built upon more. She's a character who can be used more without feeling weird (like the Jade Oni) or too drawn-out (like...
  3. Re: What makes Central so special to you?

    The wiki is extremely helpful whenever I wanna find dialogue or research for soloing.

    Thanks to the Epic Boss Battles sub-forum too, it was the reason I even made an account here to be honest....
  4. Re: The Underworld a wizard101 theory

    The Hounds of Zaroff are a reference to General Zaroff's Hounds from The Most Dangerous Game. Kravenly is based off Zaroff, who is most likely just another famous hunter in the Spiral

    Can't add to...
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    Re: What ever happened to ....

    Those crafting stations are used so little I literally go to my house stations to craft my WT gear before realizing I gotta go back to Grizzleheim, would love to see them expanded

    - - - Updated -...
  6. Re: Enough Corporate Pride, KI: We Need Action!

    I usually don't agree with your points, but I can see where you come from with them. My problem with this is the wording on this comment. KI can do better on their characters to me, and what I don't...
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    Re: Spiral Villains Hoard Pack

    Weird, I got 1 piece of gear from each pack I opened. Even the Fire Morganthe robe that I think my wizard looks great in. Still can't make my wizard a girl though
  8. Re: My Deepest apologies to my Central Family and Friends

    This is probably why I enjoyed my solo Fire so much, even if soloing stuff like Tartarus and Galleries was difficult, I had earned my win and impressed even myself with things I didn't know I could do
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Cantrips - Rank 2

    Prob gonna set mine in the Thieves' Den, it's one of my favorite areas in the game and has a useful farm spot

    - - - Updated - - -

    It'd be interesting if when you level up enough, earlier...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Cantrips - Rank 2

    It's permanent? That's VERY nice
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Merciless Gear Update

    I hope they make more Lemuria gear instead of just making them all go in one direction, I wanna dual Fire/Ice but the new gear is Fire/Myth
  12. Re: Test realm is probably right around the corner, excited?

    I'd like Mice, Dogs, and Grendels to be honest. Cats is another fun one though
  13. Re: Test realm is probably right around the corner, excited?

    I agree with this, while I'm loving the 4th arc I really don't think it should of happened so soon
    This game needs things fixed, not a completely new world that's probably not even 100% working...
  14. Re: Do you think Morganthe is still alive?

    I remember seeing a Forums post about Pirate101 ships and what happens if you fall off, where a dev replied you'd just fall forever until you either hit land or were eaten by the monsters in the...
  15. Re: Can "events" save other activities?

    I'd like to see mini events run across with the main ones, they have their own sched and you won't get as mini points from them. But the max reward is less total points and it's focused on a single...
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    Re: a Wooden Key Boss Thought

    Would be cool if it was some puppeteer who controlled Wood Golems (same model as mannequins). And have the boss also drop reagents for mannequin crafting
    Perhaps Wood Golem spellements too
  17. Re: When was the most powerful you've felt in game?

    During the regular game, the Paradox Titan vs the Aethyr Titan fight

    Though I mostly feel powerful when on my solo Fire, because I solo harder stuff, Darkmoor has been a pain though

    My Balance...
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    Re: "Replaying your favorite Wizard?"

    My main Patrick, so I can make her a girl and give her a name I like
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    Re: Funniest Superstitions?!

    My pet heals me more when I don't say it lol
  20. Re: Hex (1 Pip) and Curse 95% (AOE) and Mass Feint

    If the Hex(1) you want gives a +40% trap, the wiki says it is only from Dawn Jaguars Helm (lvl40) and Dawn Jaguars Silent Boots (lvl40), both come from Shaman's Lore Pack
    Idk about Mass Curse, (wiki...
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    Re: What are they for?

    Hematite jewels are for the Shadow school, they give you Shadow crit/block/flatresist/flatdamage/accuracy. The 145 Hematite triangle most likely is an Amazing Accurate Hematite that gives +15% Shadow...
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    Re: What's up with Blueprint Tokens?

    Would enjoy getting them from people who ranked your house, along with rating other houses too
  23. Re: If you were to design your own housing item....

    Would honestly love if it sent you to some full size (pre-decorated) 'house' that's just an insane livable bathroom or something, sounds like the crazy type of funny this game is good with lol
  24. Re: If you were to design your own housing item....

    I too, would like a toilet for my house
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    Re: House Rating

    I actually love exploring the majority of houses, but only when a house can be unique and make me thing "Whoever did this is an amazing decorator!", and then I use the portals too so I can see more...
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