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    Re: Do you believe in Ghosts?

    Yes, very much so; but I need to clarify that I don't believe in them, I know they exist.

    10 years managing an old but very popular hotel in Waikiki left me with several 1st hand experiences. ...
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    Re: A Central Guild

    :confused1::wacko:OK, now I am totally confused:wacko::confused1:
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    Re: "Elixir Sale, thru July 5th"

    Yep, just bought a couple the other day as well.

    I would like to add I would love for a new line of elixirs such as "Rude Away":whistling: that I could throw at some of the rude/nasty players in...
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    Re: A Central Guild

    I think in light of what's coming down the road from KI, an overall review of the Central group/guild system would be warranted. The biggest quest for me is what would be the difference between a...
  5. Re: What are your W101 related Pet Peeves?

    Pretty much the same for me, except...

    I don't really have a pet peeve, I do have some pet unicorns, pegasus, dragons, elves, fairies, etc.:blush:
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    Re: Origin of your Wiz name?

    A long time ago when was 50yo, I decided to stop lurking and become an official Central member I made a bit of a goober. For my name, I literally used my last name and first initial...not a very...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    OK, that was cruel and unusual punishment. My diabetic A1C just went through the roof by looking at that incredible display of all that is chocolate:drool:.

    You leave me no other...
  8. Re: The Central not loading correctly on Firefox?

    I know, you were clear; perhaps I wasn't clear. I tried all of that before a year ago and when again repeatedly a week ago. As far as my own experience and attempts that have been numerous, it...
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    Re: Why is Wizard101 Central

    It is also important to note that once your on a list that your interested, be sure to check your PM regularly and answer in kind. Once you have the attention of the thread poster, unless there is...
  10. [AVAILABLE TO MIX] Re: Pegasus Ponies / Hummingbird / Mini Death Shark

    I still have the Vibrant Pegasus waiting for you if you still want it. I sent you a PM but never heard back. Over the next couple days I am doing Beastmoon, so I may be slow to respond but I do...
  11. Re: The Central not loading correctly on Firefox?

    Yep, been there and done that. It drove me crazy to keep having to do it every time I looked for updates/new posts. I'm not a fan of Chrome by any means or measure, which is why I ONLY use it to...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"
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    Re: If you were the boss of Ki....

    Oh what a can or worms you just opened, to start, I would:

    Do EVERYTHIING possible to bring back as much of the original team that made W101 great in the first place
    Gather ALL the existing...
  14. Poll: Re: How many Beastmoon Forms do you have T3

    This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Let me recap them for you and others. There are basically 2 ways to "improve" a Beastmoon form:

    Level them up OR Increase their Tier

    Many new...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Don't forget having to have 2 antennas to get either VHF or UHF. As far as changing channels, I am not sure which was more of a pain before they existed...the push buttons that kept popping off the...
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    Re: Every Wiz Update

    I agree 1,000,000%. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
  17. Re: "Guilds Roundtable", June 23rd, 4pm CT.

    OK, I have honestly really tried to be open minded about this entire guild thing, but now after the "Round Table" and all the thoughts and comments; I just have to say...

  18. Re: What's the Story Behind Your Avatar?

    Yes, you can as long as the file size is not too large. Not sure of the size limit though.
  19. Re: Want does your perfect house look like to you?

    I'm sorry but I had to laugh so hard at the closet. I was a manager of a hotel in Waikiki at the same time the Marcos family had escaped the Philippines. Our hotel was one they stayed at for a...
  20. Re: The Central not loading correctly on Firefox?

    Now you see what I have been saying. As far as a general browser, Firefox is good; but in this situation it is horrible with little or no solutions. That's why if you want to keep using Firefox,...
  21. Re: Is something wrong with the system?

    Same thing happened for me, it lasted about 6 months then went back to the other mess. I hope/pray you have better luck than I did.
  22. Re: The Central not loading correctly on Firefox?

    Yep, problem is that as the system is now, the padlock won't unlock anymore for everyone. As I mentioned, I spent months with Firefox team trying to resolve it and followed what is in that link over...
  23. Re: Piggle Plushie, pre-order on June 3rd

    Yeppers! 7 days left to order yours.

    There have been 1,932 sold; let's make it to 2,000!
  24. Re: Want does your perfect house look like to you?

    I am not kidding, this is what I would love to have in real life AND in the game...

    As far as existing houses in the...
  25. Re: What's the Story Behind Your Avatar?

    Very interesting question. Our Avatars reveal a lot about us.

    When I was a kid I loved mythology and one of my favorite creatures was the Pegasus, later when I was about 13, I was given a book...
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