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  1. Thread: Hinting

    by slickriptide


    Let's say you have a text detector set to trigger when someone says, "Good Boy!" in the vicinity of one of your pets/houseguests.

    How would you hint about that to a visitor?
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    Re: Suggestions for carnival house

    Well, while the enchanted village does have built-in ambiance, as a counterpoint I'd suggest the Avalon Castle Plot, because it's a large, flat, open area that's intended to be customized. You could...
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    Re: Pseudo Pac-Man with Castle Magic

    What happens if someone ports in while another person is in the middle of playing a level? Does the new visitor trigger an automatic room reset?
  4. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    Just to state things explicitly - the real question here is whether Castle Magic can evolve into a story-telling toolkit? Especially now that Monstrology has added battles and NPC's into the mix.
  5. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    I wonder if we could separate behaviors from bread crumbs? I'd like to play a behavior on demand as a spell card rather than require that a mob walk to a bread crumb that triggers the behavior.
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    Error on Fenric page?

    The current wiki entry for Pet:Fenric shows "Myth-Dealer" as the slot3 pet ability.

    Just a few minutes ago, I trained my first generation Fenric to teen and it gave me Critical Striker as my slot3...
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    Re: Looking for Creepy Corner Cobweb

    I just bought one of those and a Darkmoor Cobwebs on the bazaar yesterday. You're welcome to both if you want them. If you happen to have a swirl runestone or tribal runestone for trading, so much...
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    Shoutout to Chase Ghostcloud

    With the double-animus buff online, I bought a triple-animus elixir and jumped into the Loremaster. I figured that as long as I won half the battles soloing on my 69 Mythic guy, that I'd probably get...
  9. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    So, even though I know it's a bad idea when one thread is dominated by one voice, I figure that posting my Castle Magic suggestions in one place is better than littering the forum with threads.
  10. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    Speaking of signs - It would be fun to be able to shout out to Indiana Jones - "You chose... poorly." "You chose... wisely."
  11. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    Thanks for the reply, arthur.

    Let me give an example from a "mini-game" in my current project. On my farm, there's a dog and a dog food dish. (A jar shoved into the ground so only the neck shows.)...
  12. Thread: Fireworks

    by slickriptide


    Hey, all.

    I'm looking for some fireworks for the "magic" castle I'm designing. While I have confetti cannons coming out of my ears, I only have the one fireworks cannon from this past July. Are...
  13. Re: Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    Here's the funny/interesting thing - If we had any kind of dialog making and processing ability, we could make quests as good as the earliest KI stuff.

    Here's a for instance - I've been farming...
  14. Does KI care about developing castle magic any further?

    Near as I can tell, Castle Magic was released in the 2016/217 timeframe.

    That's going on four years or so depending on whether you start counting from test realm or from live launch. That's...
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    Re: What are the limits of solidarity?

    If it's the solidity of the wall that matters, then it's probably an exception built into the pet code that makes it ignore the solidity of the wall. So, solidity is primarily a way of controlling...
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    What are the limits of solidarity?

    I'm moving a pet by moving the breadcrumbs on its path. That worked fine. Then I put a wall in the way and the pet went on right through the wall.

    After that, I added a couple of solidarity cards,...
  17. Re: Advanced! Moving monster teleporting wizards in a maze

    Good to know. The whole teleporting item detector is only really to save on inventory space in the house. You could just as easily put an item detector at every checkpoint and that would work the...
  18. Re: Advanced! Moving monster teleporting wizards in a maze

    I realize you're fed up with this problem at this point, but I figured I'd toss out another potential solution anyway.

    It's this - instead of tracking the spider, track the player.

    Let the...
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    Re: how to trade castle magic?

    The merchant who sells the castle magic gear is located in the main Marleybone hub, uh, Regency Square, I think it's called. If you don't own that then you're stuck. You can buy cast-off castle magic...
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    Re: Working Chess and TicTacToe

    Very clever. You created a lot of functionality out of a bunch of logic gates. l like your solution of swapping text detectors in and out automagically. You basically created your own machine...
  21. Re: Any sword objects that are NOT wall hangings?

    Another glitch? You'd think at this point, they'd just let people put things where they want to put them.

    Thanks for the info. I'll google that.
  22. Any sword objects that are NOT wall hangings?

    Are there any sword housing objects that are NOT player weapon wall hangings, but decorative only?

    I wanted to create a "sword in the stone" but player weapons can't be used for that sort of thing.
  23. Camera while placing items in house

    My biggest pet peeve with house decorating is the way the camera rotates down towards the ground when you go into item placement mode. Is there a way to better control what angle you're looking from...
  24. It's National Cheese Day. Get your free stuff now!

    Posted on Wiz101 Facebook:

    Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!
    The first 2000 to redeem code “cheeseday” in (make sure you sign in first!) will get 1 Melted Cheese Tree Seed and 1...
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    It wouldn't make sense for anything but the windows to be animated. Think of it like the submarine ride at disney land. The only things that need to be animated are the things you can see though the...
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