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  1. Re: Free housing item in the Gummy Plant

    lol isn't this called theft? :001_tt2:
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    Re: Most Unique Looking Gear?

    If I were to stitch again, I'd prob do the Pigswick Academy gear :12:
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    Re: Most Unique Looking Gear?

    Here's Scotty and @Fredwardo :001_tt2:
  4. Re: We can carry more than 999 reagents in our backpacks

    You could be right. It used to be x/999 but honestly since every reagent had a 999 max, it is a reasonable decision to get rid of the "/999" part of the UI. There are some benefits in having 1000+...
  5. Re: We can carry more than 999 reagents in our backpacks

    If you have max of a reagent and then get that reagent as a drop, you'll get more than the max 999. I don't believe this was intended but I really don't know much 999 was the max for reagents for...
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    Re: Is this against the rules?

    It helps that it was consensual, that it was not coerced by any party. It's if things get south from there that Ki would probably be more strict about. Information about one's account is what the...
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    Re: Deer Knight Crafting

    Idk if I ever planted Ultra Helephants ever. I have a bunch of King Parsley that I never planted and I'll probably do that soon. Idk when I'm ever gonna be free to farm Amber though. Still questing...
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    Re: Deer Knight Crafting

    lol I think I have 999+ Red Mandrake or something like that.... Want some? I also have 999+ Springs. No dice on Sunstones or Amber though. We could go Amber farming one day!
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    Re: Things to Farm in Karamelle?

    What about gear? Are there any significant gear drops to farm for??

    Also Kingsisle should really do a Double Jewel Drop too!!!
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    Re: Critical?

    It does sound unusual but Kingsisle doing Test Realm stuff in Live Realm is the only thing they could do. The popularity of live realm vastly exceeds the population of players in Test Realm and due...
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    Re: Shatterhorn useless?

    I certainly won't use this as often as I will use Penguins or Cataclysm or Weaver but idk its nice to have for when the situation needs it
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    Re: Critical?

    Redirecting you to these threads with the answers i think you're looking for
    Eric Stormbringer's post:
  13. Re: Unlimited Crafting & Double Reagents, thru 11/22, Member Benefit

    Well I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning lol Scot's gotta get his Icey Dragoon Athame!! Glad I didn't torture myself into farming reagents before the double too...
  14. Re: Took me about half an hour to do, but here's every possible damage boost in the g

    You sure a Storm Nested wouldn't do more given the ability to use many elemental blades and traps? Also there's really only 10 feints?
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    Re: Old School Creepy Awkward Picture Taking

    Off to save the spiral with Sparck :yes3:
  16. Re: "New Gear and Henchmen!" in the Crown Shop.

    Eat your vegetables kids :eating3:

    Also on a side point: There are wayyyyyyyyy too many spells restricted to Item Cards from items (like the Polymorph's in the wand) that are not learnable at all...
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    Re: Active treasure card shops

    What are you trying to sell or buy?
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    Re: Fall Update Now Live!

    Same but I have been criticaling like crazy on my Ice in Mirage, some blocks but mostly going through. Whatever the formula is (which I could probably search up rather easily but I'm lazy), it's...
  19. Re: Is Captain Tenni'syn's robe still the best for max level?

    I think the plan is to farm for the robe if its still the best, Scotty is still in Eerem Palace though so it's gonna take some questing to get to Zanadu Sewers lol I'll probably even be at level 140...
  20. Is Captain Tenni'syn's robe still the best for max level?

    Don't know whether I should still farm Captain Tenni'syn in Zanadu Sewer's for Scot's Ice robe (he's level 125) because I don't know whether or not there is a robe that is better at a higher level...
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    Re: Going Live?

    Moving forward. That's what I like to see!! I want this release to be perfection :001_cool:
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    Re: Astral Spells

    I really hope all the Astral schools get an expansion in the future. Ever since Azteca, the Astral Schools sort of got the backseat of the storyline/side-questline for the exception of the Arcanum...
  23. Re: What pet would you want in real life?

    At least the party corgis and dapper corgis will always be by your side in game! I'm pretty sure it is beyond the graphics teams abilities to make pets jump on the shoulder though, one could dream!
  24. Re: What pet would you want in real life?

    Oh I love your mask thing!!!! My cousin is into corgis but my 3 dogs at home are all Maltese mutt mixes. If they ever add any white fluffy dogs in Wiz, I would drop all of my pets right now and have...
  25. What pet would you want in real life?

    Any pet in the game, what pet would you want in real life??

    Personally, I would probably get a Wolfhound because I really love dogs and if it were legal, I want a thousand doggies in my life...
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