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  1. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    Maybe those and some moon flowers would look nice, thanks for the idea! I'll farm tomorrow for some and try it out
  2. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I haven't checked, but if I find some plants that I like that'll fit with the Khrysalis theme I want for it I'll check. I put mine on castle tours a day or two ago under decorated if you want to...
  3. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    No problem! Try searching for the bundle itself on Google, that's honestly how I managed to find it on Gamestop's site (the link should be under the videos section)
  4. Re: new bundle: peppergrass Glen bundle also 50% off limited bundles

    I was lucky enough to get it, as well as others who managed to buy it when Gamestop released it on their site early. It was a pre-order purchase for them that they received about a week-ish ago if I...
  5. Re: Best interactions with others with the same name!

    I've seen plenty of wizards named Amber and even some named Amber Dragon(insert random last name), but I have yet to meet another Amber Dragonblossom. It's funny when it happens in Beastmoon Mayhem...
  6. Re: Does playing W101 feel slow? or does time move fast?

    It depends on how fast I'm questing through the worlds. I prefer to take my time through the Academy part of Dragonspyre, Khrysalis, and some part of Empyrea, so how fast time flies will vary on...
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    Re: Ice Deckathalon

    Out of habit I hit the go to event button and ran straight to where the event normally happens. I was really confused for a few minutes when I saw neither Gamma nor the "portal" that leads to the...
  8. Re: How to sit on a bench 2022 style

    I'm really happy to know that I'm not the only one who noticed this. It just looks weird when the second person on the bench sits normally, though.
  9. Re: Spring 2022 Game Update - Bugs or Issues (Live Realm)

    Retired possibly along with the rest of the gear (which if they were going to be stitch only after the update then why not just keep them around still?). One can hope that maybe they'll turn up in...
  10. Re: Spring 2022 Game Update - Bugs or Issues (Live Realm)

    I missed the KI Live (literally the first Thursday I had off from work since I started and I completely forgot about it being today :cry:), but I really hope that they weren't being serious about...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Merciless Gear Change

    Thankfully they did that because the merciless gear would've been useless gear instead with those spells.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Merciless Gear Change

    @Sparck, uhhh did KI decide that us ice wizards now use Virulence in combat now? Sleet Storm would've been the better option if we were getting a school aura instead. Also, what did we players do to...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Arena Tickets UPDATE

    The wiki says visionary crafter to craft them
  14. Re: "Retiring of 4th Age arena tickets - redeem them now!"

    Any chance you could also ask the team about just letting us buy whatever PvP gear we want (while being unable to wear it without proper ranking naturally) on live realm since they're all going to be...
  15. Re: "Retiring of 4th Age arena tickets - redeem them now!"

    I'm just going ahead and spending all of my tickets for housing items. It's not like I can get the PvP gear I want because it's locked behind a PvP rank I'll never obtain. I mean, if all of the PvP...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: My Thoughts On Test Realm

    Members do get more benefits than the little crowns players (because, what, weekly benefits are not enough for them?). As for the lore spells, not knowing which ones are being removed is exactly the...
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    Re: How often are you defeated?

    Depends on the enemy. My ice, who solos most of the game, is really only defeated by either my lack of attention, forgetting to pack certain spells (mostly converts since I primarily use shrike for...
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    Re: Old Dragonspyre

    Being able to explore Old Dragonspyre is one of my favorite dreams. It's actually because I want to revisit its past whenever I want that I bought off Dragonspyre entirely first before even thinking...
  19. Re: Do you use the Hatching Kiosk often?

    I use it here and there when I need to find a pet to diversify the talent pool for my pet(s) with sticky talents, such as my Auspicious Tiger (twice it has failed me at epic/mega with armor pierce!)....
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    Re: Phantastic Jinn - odd failure

    It's a PvP only spell so it won't show up in your deck in a PvE battle.
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    Re: Hall of Heroes

    It's because it makes defeating the right side easier after beating the left side since it basically removes all of the shields/blades they have. It'll also remove the damage cap bubble and allow...
  22. Re: Lucy's House - Sugar is BAD for you!

    I did this with my spiritual trio. My myth and death did most of the work while my life stayed as the healer. I was mostly spamming aoes, only blading and using brace when waiting on pips to hit. ...
  23. Re: Does Ki need more frequent updates?

    And many of those bugs and glitches might end up breaking the game. There's plenty of bugs and glitches already for them to fix that I don't think they'll ever get around to, so why add more?

  24. Re: You know where they should put teleporters?

    And let's not forget that those of us who have been around since before the crown shop had to do this all on foot as well
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    Re: Unable to connect

    I know the game has been laggy for me for a few days, but it's been pretty bad today. I honestly thought it was either my computer or my internet (leaning more towards my computer being the issue). ...
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