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  1. Re: Can you type well with your eyes closed

    That's really too bad. While I could have never survived a full typing class, just learning home row and reaches didn't take that much effort. Over the years, it allowed me to evolve into a touch...
  2. Re: Can you type well with your eyes closed

    Pretty sure some of that might depend on age. Typing classes used to be a thing. My mom taught a couple of "keyboarding" classes for years a long time ago and I'm pretty sure all those kids could...
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    Re: Thread Failure

    Well thank you! I do stop by still periodically but typically the only breadcrumbs I leave these days are "thank you" clicks. I just am not playing anymore due to -- well, a lot of things really. I...
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    Re: Signature - Trying Something New

    These all look great. I do prefer the 3 stars too though as the large dark area is distracting for me, drawing my eye away from the subject.

    LOL not really relevant but made me think of it -- one...
  5. Re: Well that's a first....for me to see

    There's a big supply/demand problem here.

    Gold is cheap and plentiful. Reagents are not and some are particularly rare. Add to that -- you need hundreds of kelp or agave nectar or ?? for uber...
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    Re: Grammar Goof

    I am a stickler for grammar as well. Obviously this varies by school, but as far as I can tell it really isn't taught much anymore. I've just had one kid graduate from HS and 2 juniors and the amount...
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    Re: Utter Disaster

    Wow. Not the same but I suppose stitching could take a little of the sting out? Yeah, not the same...

    I was just looking at my son's myth wizard over the weekend. I quested him up to max a couple...
  8. Re: Day 2 Mystery Discount & Updated Packs

    Wow the coupons seem generous this year.

    Thankfully, mine weren't so my wallet is safe.

    10% x 4 accounts, 15% on one.
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    Re: How Bazaar?

    It could be. But it could be someone like me who parks their wizards and then wanders off and forgets...

    I think this is the crux of it. Years ago when there were lots of new players coming...
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    Re: word morphing 2 the sequel

    flub to flue
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    Re: Describe yourself in a sentence!

    What if you don't need a sentance? I think I can do it in a word...

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    Re: New "Birthday" Items!

    Um. My company tends to reward long-term employees with layoffs. It's all relative.

    Pros and cons... My kids and I were enormously jealous of the mounts for the 5th b'day, so this does minimize...
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    Re: Group Mount Glitch

    At first I found this annoying as well. There is an upside. If you move the driver of the mount, it will drag the second character with him -- so that's less walking to do in the dungeon. I wouldn't...
  14. Re: Why is character transfer limited to 1?

    Yeah, I just saw this yesterday. I don't know when they added that but my guess is around the time they added the Lvl 50 potion.

    Apparently gone are the days when enthusiasts could transfer 3...
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    Re: Celebrating Life!

    Hey Happy Birthday!

    :partyguy: :birthday_party: :fest42: :score010:

    I'll remember it every year :D My oldest son shares your happy day, just becoming an official adult today.
  16. Re: Balance Deckathalon, now thru Aug. 16th.

    First off, I just wanted to thank you both for these ideas. They helped a lot. I've still not found much enthusiasm, but I'll mark it down in the "win" column anyway:

    Right now I have 1 credit...
  17. Re: Balance Deckathalon, now thru Aug. 16th.

    I'm definitely not a fan. This is the first balance deckathalon I've done since I'm not playing much these days. Here's my experience:

    It seems the best approach is to stand there passing to...
  18. Re: Incorrect information about talent tokens

    It's a good question. I've been getting random tokens for pets as well. I'm not sure I mind, as I'm working on improving my corgis, but I quite like getting ice tokens for that will cast frozen...
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    Poll: Re: Parking: Forward or Backward?

    Hmm, I don't think you can parallel park by driving in very well at all. I assumed the question was for a perpendicular parking space like in a shopping plaza. Although I do see dudes driving the...
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    Poll: Re: Parking: Forward or Backward?

    Where's the "It depends" option?

    If I know I'm going to be trying to get out into massive traffic like after 4th of July fireworks or some other event, definitely back in.
    If I need to load...
  21. Re: Ravenwood Rangers Crown Reward Event

    Tossing some packs up here as an FYI. Not my type of pack.
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    Poll: Re: Do you sleep with your door open?


    OMG I have kids in the house. I don't want to hear them. A door doesn't fix that, but it helps. Plus it keeps the smoke out when they do things like make homemade donuts at 2am and...
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    Re: Sale, School Jewel Packs, thru 7/4

    I do! I'm sure I'm not alone. I think people who don't like something are more apt to speak out than those who are happy with something. However, it does have a disproportionate effect on those...
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    Re: Game Updates for June 23, 2021

    Can you still get arena tickets from tours? I noticed last night the rewards button was grayed out...

    I guess I'll be loading up on participation trophies and maybe triangle pip jewels. IDK. Maybe...
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    Re: What are you bad at in this game?

    Dealing with my stuff. :(
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