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    [TEST REALM] Re: Opinions on new spells?

    I think the spells are really good this time around, except for maybe Sprite Swarm. Monster Mash, Inferno Salamander, and Golem: Taunt are the best from my point of view. The only complaint I'd have...
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    Re: Game Updates for June 23, 2021

    From what I remember they're getting retired because of people having too many arena tickets after "abusing" the re-roll feature for tourneys. They're being replaced by a new arena currency that...
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    Re: Make Solar Surge more accessible

    I agree. KI said they wanted to eliminate barriers of entry for PvP, yet they lock Solar Surge for Veterans+ creating a barrier of entry for people new to PvP. I haven't done PvP since before any of...
  4. Re: We believe your true self is your best self.

    100% agree. The Malistaire/Sylvia cutscene at the end of Darkmoor would be 100% not child friendly if they weren't straight but since they are they get an automatic pass and it's seen as fine. If the...
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    Re: Pet Promenade Event, thru 5/31

    Finally... I've been waiting 3 months for this for more elixirs. :banana:
  6. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    I really like Golem Court due to nostalgia I think. It's a small, yet underrated area in Wizard City in my opinion.
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    Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem, thru 5/24

    As of right now it's impossible for crowns players and difficult for members to get enough points for the Scroll of Fortune without doing either beastmoon or deckathalon at least once. We only get 1...
  8. Re: How often do you "play as your pet"?

    Almost never. I always thought it was a waste of a feature that could've went to something else to be honest.
  9. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    Krokotopia gives me the most nostalgia since it was the first world I saw besides Wizard City and I have memories of always trying to teleport to people to see it before I had gained access to it...
  10. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    The federal law they're talking about is called COPPA "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act". It was put in place to protect kids under the age of 13 which is why accounts that were made with...
  11. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    Since my first post didnt get approved I'll make another one...

    According to the current audience statistics provided to us by Gamigo, the current majority of players and Gamigo's target audience...
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    Re: Updated Insane Bolt Spell

    The change to Insane Bolt is one of the more obvious changes in favor of PvP. I always saw the original Insane Bolt spell to be a last resort spell that you'd use when either nothing else worth using...
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    Re: Bug Report in Live Realm

    Yes. I don't know why one hasn't been implemented sooner. I would think adding a bug report button in live realm would speed up the devs ability to find bugs to fix and make their jobs a little...
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    Updated Insane Bolt Spell

    The new Insane Bolt change released with last nights patch:
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    Poll: Re: Rate The Spring Update!

    I rated this update 4 stars.

    What I liked:

    The New AOE Changes: A much needed and highly requested update. Kingsisle did a good job on these and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the...
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    Re: New Wizard City Art Book!

    This is extremely disappointing. I was expecting these art books to be buyable with gold like in Pirate101, but of course Kingsisle is trying to get us to buy more crowns. It seems to be a trend of...
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    Re: Treasure Card Display Recipe

    She's supposed to appear for everyone I believe. I just checked to see if she was there for my wizard who's done the deckathalon events and she isn't there. I'm assuming this is a bug from the latest...
  18. Re: New Level 42 Spellement Recipes are RIDICULOUS!

    That's another thing I noticed when looking at the spellement upgrades when I got them. The devs obviously want us to upgrade them otherwise they wouldn't have given upgrades, however because the...
  19. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    I doubt the original drop rates were intentional. We all know how KI loves torturing us with extremely low drop rates :glare:

    The AOE animations definitely are the biggest highlight of this small...
  20. Re: New Level 42 Spellement Recipes are RIDICULOUS!

    I got a couple of these recipes (Stormwing and Elemental Golem) earlier today from my Fire Moon Seeds on my Fire and wow. I took one look at the recipes and knew that I was never going to craft them....
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    Re: Ninja Piglets Spellements

    As far as I'm aware the Wysteria lore spell spellements aren't dropping yet. Last time I checked in test realm Angry Snowpigs didn't have its spellement path completed so I assume Kingsisle...
  22. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    The Beastmoon seeds reagent increase is disappointing especially since it was snuck into the update and wasn't even mentioned by the update notes. King Borr's drop rates are also really...
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    Re: Spring Update now LIVE

    12 days is really short. I guess since this update was extremely small and there wasn't much new content to test explains the reasoning for it being less than 2 weeks.
  24. [TEST REALM] Re: Does it make sense that all new spells are learnable at lvl 42?

    I thought it looked odd seeing them next to Level 42 spells which are supposed to be each school's most powerful trainable spell. I would've made them trainable from the school trees so that they...
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    Re: Why Is Everything White..?

    I think you're confused about the topic of the thread. The thread was made by JaredSpellFrost to show that the skin color of the hands on certain utility spell cards (Triage, Immolate, Steal Ward)...
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