Wizard and user names cross reference

  1. dovey
    Will update if new names are provided. Added my timezone just for reference, please feel free to update to add yours as well.

    dovey - Autumn Storm (Eastern Time Zone)
    LoongYu - Tarlac Shadowblade
    SuZu - Scarlet Redleaf
    Tedman - Blaze Lightrider
    mysticdwagon - Brittany Pearlwhisper
    Spirited Away - ? Swiftblade or Scarlet Icewalker
    Scrub731 - Wolf and Paul
    SJR1219 - Stephen Shadow Wraith
    Ladyofflora - Iridian Wintershard
    Kweo - Morgan DreamHunter
    Mom2Zoo - Esmee Wildheart
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