Lore of the Order of the Tangled Thorns, Ranks, Backstory, etc.

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    This post will illustrate some of the lore behind the Order of the Tangled Thorns and the ranks. If you'd like to add some lore of your own, post it in a new thread with your fanfiction or ideas, and we can add it to this thread!

    All members are or were a part of Ravenwood, but how they got there is up to each player. Considering the Spiral serves as a sort of multiverse, I'm going to go with the idea that the cliff like edges into nothing in some worlds are more of a product of those specific worlds. Obviously certain areas of worlds are bigger than in the game, with Wizard101 worlds being an interpretation of a bigger place, condensed into the most useful areas to simulate the experience of a world. Simply specify what traits made your character be noticed by the Headmaster if your character comes from a world outside of Wizard101 or Pirate101, as the knowledge of different worlds probably is a little bit of an issue. Remember, your character doesn't have to have a magical power now, as Ravenwood would teach them magic anyhow. If your member is higher leveled, you can simply say that you are an alumni, and are joining outside of the school ranks. This will likely put you at least one rank higher.

    The Order of the Tangled Thorns would probably be banned in most official school rules, as it is a secret society. Members must simply demonstrate an aptitude for magic unlike their fellow students or citizens, an unbridled ambition, and a brazen disregard for the conventions of traditional society. Afterwards, they will be tested (we'll read your roleplay backstory) and assigned their first rank. Those who do not make it in can try at the convenience of a member. However, all interactions with those outside of the Order must be kept secret! The goal is to conceal who is in the group and to conceal the group itself.

    But what does the Order stand for? The Order of the Tangled Thorns was founded by a mysterious visitor to the school, seeking to create a society for those who aspire beyond what Ravenwood teaches or allows. This visitor recruited the first batch of students into the Order, and only occasionally arrives to coordinate events and talk with other societies on campus. The goal of the Order is to promote personal growth, progress, and the ambitions of their members. In many cases, this can end up becoming the ambitions of the highest ranked members, as members below another's rank are expected to assist and listen to their superiors. In return, higher ranked members are expected to help out lower ranked ones, though the priority in this exchange is obvious. Still, most higher ranked members are fair, as making enemies of similarly ambitions wizards is dangerous.

    The Order has historically competed in the Arena, where they displayed a particular skill and, to the ire of most other competitors and officiators, ruthlessness. While nobody can say for sure, it's likely that the Order has partaken in some foul play and illegal acts in the pursuit of powerful artifacts, spell techniques, and other goals for their members. This translates to members being unused to the controlled environment of most Wizard City duels. Still, as with the covenant of secrecy, members are expected to not get themselves in trouble publically. Assistance for lower ranked members should they get in trouble is limited.

    Currently, the Order is in a rebuilding phase after Headmaster Ambrose, along with the efforts of Cyrus Drake, began an investigation into the Order during the heyday of student organizations. Many members were forced to leave in disgrace from the Academy for the numerous infractions against both the rules of Ravenwood and the laws of Wizard City. The alumni in charge of the main Order, outside of the halls of Ravenwood, have elected for one student, still a neophyte at best, to take on the task of organization. While she may not hold the respect of the stronger members or alumni, her say in the Ravenwood Halls goes. The young Azula comes at an older age of 17, having just ran away from the numerous holding cells of her world and perhaps been a bit dishonest about her moral compass. Useful in the fight against Malistaire, her sour attitude (and minor megalomania) has been forgiven, and her association in the Order swift.

    The motto of the Order is: Veni, vini, vici, the gemstone is the Emerald, and the flower is the immortal signifying Amaranth, but all flowers have their purpose and symbolism.

    The following ranks are:
    1) Immortal Amaranth: The mysterious founder.
    2) Red Amaryllis: The heads of each Wizard101 world's operations, whether that be farming, PVP, social events or lore.
    3) Black Tulip: Distinctly for top PVPers in the Clan, and have essentially equal say in the matters of PVP as the Red Amaryllis of PVP.
    3) Mauve Carnation: Members who are great RPers. We look up to these people for advice in Clan wars, etiquette, and ideas.
    3) Violet Heliotrope: Masters of questing, farming, and other PvE activities. These people are key for setting up raids and other game related activities.
    4) Blue Rose: Signifier of mystery, the Blue Rose is yet to find leadership in any skill so far, but is a full member. They may take unofficial titles with a color followed by the rank they wish to achieve, an example being: Blue Tulip or Yellow Carnation.
    5) Initiate Keeper: The name given to trial members who are just joining. After a week or so they'll be promoted assuming they are positive to the community.
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