1. SkyFox
    Here is everyone's ranks as they join.

    Weple, Apprentice

    Poof2, Apprentice

    P34F0w1, Adept

    zenmetsu, Magus

    Deathlord, novice

    Die_FirE, Appretice

    Hiccup, Novice

    Icecream600, Novice

    Zombie Grrrl, Novice

    Decdog, Novice

    DustinDragonDust, Initiate

    Himemitsuki, Master

    B1ueL1ght, Apprentice

    StarofLife, Novice

    *** Apply on the register discussion if you want to have your name here and be registered, if you have a problem with your rank talk to me about it via Pm****
  2. zombie_grrl
    ok, so as you do more assignments and get good grades, you get a higher rank? kool!
  3. I <3 Sackboy
    I <3 Sackboy
    Is this like the rank that was on the post?Cause I said adept and I'm changing my mind.like,apprentice
  4. P34f0w1
    Is my rank graded by my assignment or my stories?
  5. SkyFox
    Your latest story? why? if you think it needs to be adjusted give me reasons and i might consider it :P ( i'll ask the teachers )
  6. P34f0w1
    No, I was just curious.
  7. I <3 Sackboy
    I <3 Sackboy
    I actually change my mind again.Can a teacher or the headmaster look at my story and grade it by that.I feel like I'm not giving myself enough credit,yet I was giving myself to much the link is http://www.wizard101central.com/foru...d.php?t=106202
  8. Frost Gryphon
    Frost Gryphon
    didnt i already join this?
  9. Miranda Star
    Miranda Star
    Can you post my rank? If you need to, read my assignment. If I have to, I would love to post some descriptions from writing class.
  10. poohf2
    cool i not novice ( you put poof2 its poohf2 )
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