1. connor nightcaster
    connor nightcaster
    Hello all that of joined this organization so far. my name connor nightcaster lvl 50 fire wizard. i would like to see all of you in the game if its not to much to ask. just so i can classify you in the group. hope to see you there my friends, ps. i'm a real nice guy, very funny

    Meeting palce: Golem court-behind the tower
    Realm: drake
    Day: monday august 24
    Time: 3:00 pm eastern time

    Again hope to see you there
  2. connor nightcaster
    connor nightcaster
    if you have any other questions, fell free to send me a quick message
  3. connor nightcaster
    connor nightcaster
    i will be there behind tower from 12:00 pm to 12:45pm, i with be the guys with the triton and fire snake

    Dont Be Late :P
  4. connor nightcaster
    connor nightcaster
    PS.S : you you dont have text chat please say yes when you meet me so then i know your from my group, and if you do have text chat when you meet me please say fire fight so then i can confirm you
  5. ino55
    sorry i missed your message
  6. theblizzardwizzard
    Text chat?How do you do that?
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