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  1. myerstl
    Let's chat! Be friendly, follow Central's rules, and don't make me be mean!
  2. myerstl
    Shout out to Zfunk who got us our dino! You are awesome!
  3. funkz

  4. myerstl
    And I see Zfunk is the one who's going to make the rest of us look bad. LOVE the wiz pics!
  5. funkz
    Thanks Feylin, I had to shrink it down to fit within the site framing, auto-size doesn't work. But I went back and added a link to the full res image so now it works if you click it to open full screen.

    I'm no artist, but I can photoshop some stuff, so if anyone wants some custom images or avatars done let me know.
  6. myerstl
    This is Abareth typing. Hi.Happy Valentinsday
  7. myerstl
    It's awesome Zfunk. Well beyond my capabilities. Kudos.
  8. myerstl
    And we have OUR dino! Thank you, Luna. You all have been awesome about the pictures, so here's another task for you: find someone from Spiral guild here on Central so we can communicate our respects to them as well as to Star Heroes. Finding the Pihc and Celera would be awesome too, as I believe they are both done with EverClick and don't realize we've started a group here.
  9. funkz
    Happy Valentine's Day Ebareth!
  10. LordSakai
    Hello Everyone!
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