Your main?

  1. Retamapark
    I was just wondering which champion or champions you guys mostly use. I main Teemo personally, but I also use Kayle sometimes.
  2. Animality
    Anyone is welcome to look at my ranked stats :P
  3. Lunar Knight
    Lunar Knight
    My main is mostly Veigar. I don't often PVP a lot but I'm not even close to level 30 too!
  4. Flash33
    I mostly use ashe and garen, with my second pick being master yi. I've also been getting in some practice with varus and zyra, so there's that.
  5. Aaron
    For about 8 months straight I pretty much played nothing Oriana and Janna, but for the past few months I've mostly been playing Karma.
  6. bubblz95566
    My personal favourites are Riven, Rumble and Irelia.
  7. Astrillic Moon
    Astrillic Moon
    Teemo, sometimes Rengar
  8. Fearless
    Nami .........
  9. Varus
    Varus and brand =D
  10. Elizabeth
    Varus, ChoGath, and Garen are my faves
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