What do you collect?

  1. AlexanderAarona10
    Just curious, i want to see what my fellow wizards like to collect in Wizard101 I collect pets, so just let me know
  2. Sneakybob
    I collect almost everything: Treasure Cards, Statues (pretty much all housing items in general), Pets, Badges (if that counts lol), and my most unique collection, Small Toy Trains (I am up to 153 of them so far).
  3. Meraj99
    I collect pets, good gear, treasure cards, and many more small things.
  4. Kataxella
    I collect pets, mounts, wands, and housing items.. I wish I had the sheep pet for my pet collection :/ I would kill for it.
  5. Iceshard21
    I collect treasure card and pets, but mainly treasure cards. Something I really want for my collection is the deer knight spell, it's awesome .
  6. Xeeps
    I am currently collecting music scrolls. I collect furniture items, pets and TCs as well.

    -Blaze Ghostrider
  7. BRENNAN987654321
    I collect pets, mounts, badges, and wands.
  8. Cephrus
    I collect anything rare in-game, and badges if they count :P
  9. ErnieFan3
    I collect rare reagents and tc.
  10. Sasha238
    Houses.. 18 and two more slots. \o/
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