1. The Holy Punk
    The Holy Punk
    The new season is underway, what team are you rooting for? Who are our playoff competers, and who will be the next Stanley Cup Champions?!?
  2. tyedyejayhawk
    i was going for the Canucks... but they're out now.
  3. ruthi
    Not the Bruins been crying for 1 week straight. Canucks are my least favorite team! I hate Burrows! He bit Bergy's finger!
  4. WSHCapitalsrock
    Yup I remember burrows all rite. That was the hilite of the playoffs for me... Hilarious GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. WSHCapitalsrock
    Wer gonna do this to the rangers (watch the smile to the right of this parenthesis)
  6. stormblade7
    Well said, but I think lunquist is going to go like this after the game: or like this:
    And ovechkin will be like this:
    And backstrom will be like:
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