1. tacoman
    we should have a party in dragonspyre hosted by us like a big friendly get together type of deal in the drake hatchery
  2. Wicked Fire Wizard
    Wicked Fire Wizard
    that would be fun then get into groups of at least 3 and go fight malistare
  3. Swordroll
    I'll come to fight M. Drake. PM me date, time, realm, area
  4. mr.random
    I will join you what about 3:00 pacific standerd time Realm Sunbird area 1
  5. mr.random
    try to PM me time and stuff i cant this saturday going camping
  6. twitch the rat
    twitch the rat
    when the date or is it passed idk i was on vacation
  7. twitch the rat
    twitch the rat
    this consersaition is pretty much dead we need a new topic
  8. .Skrillex.
    lol i killed malisatare back when i subscribed which was lvls 22-27
  9. Knight and Day
    Malistaire has FOUR PIPS!!!!!
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