Really..? ._.

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Someone wrote on their own thread, that just because its their thread, that thread has their own rules.

I don't think so. Everyone here is equal, no one has authority over other members and no one has the right to say what you can or can't post, well besides mods and admins, thats their job. NOT yours.

We all have opinions, but when you get the point of telling me I can't post because of my opinion. I'm sorry, thats ridicious and outrageous. I have just as right to post my opinion of things as you are. Your not my boss, you never were.

goodness, I just had to get that out. ._.

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  1. God's Grace's Avatar
    amen to that girlie(;
    thats hilarious!!!!! hahahaha. i think im gonna fall outta my chair XD thanks for the laugh lol Cx
  2. Ambassador of Death's Avatar
    That person would be me, wouldn't it?
  3. Fearless's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ambassador of Death
    That person would be me, wouldn't it?
    no. I don't have a problem with you o: lol
  4. Jas's Avatar
    Nice entry, Bailey. True that.
  5. primadonnas's Avatar
    we ranted our butts off on that thread.