You kidding me?

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This is frustrating, both my braces bottom and top on the left sides wire is both poking me. Its bugging me so much how many times I would have to go back to the dentist and get my wire cut and come back over and over again. This is like nonstop, I really hate braces and this is the top reason why I hate them so much. I kinda feel ashamed that I would be going back to the dentist again. Like I said in other blogs I have made with this topic, "I hate braces."

Ps: Sorry if you guys are getting annoyed by me making allot of blogs on my braces! I just wanna rant about it because its just sooo annoying

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Updated 6-11-12 at 8:30:07 PM by XxxDestinyxxX



  1. littlelfwizard's Avatar
    Wow that sounds like it really stinks.
  2. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Aww, I'm sorry ): I've got the same thing, but my cheek gets stuck on the wire and I have to actually unhook the wire from my skin >.<
    Yep, braces stink... When are you getting yours off?
  3. squidsspot's Avatar
    omg im having the same issue!!!!! i HATE my braces and like i was eating a sandwich and the back bracket fell off!
  4. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    @Snow Goddess well I just got them this year and I think it takes 2 more years? D:
  5. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Aww, that stinks >.< I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years, and I'm finally going to get them off in August. You'll survive though(:
  6. Fearless's Avatar
    do you have an wax that you could put on the ends that are poking you? that might help a tad
  7. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    @Breath Today Yea I did, it helped allot for my poking wire
    Updated 6-13-12 at 4:13:22 AM by XxxDestinyxxX