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Yay Free Stuff

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Well Yesterday and today I got mega snacks instead of the advertised free snacks so that was lucky. I also won a part of the golden raffle hosted by Adrian Iceshield and got 36 forum gold.

In game I decided to Finally finish Mooshu and Dragonspyre's book quests and the stone rose quests which took all morning :P but I finally got them done. I also decided to train some pets too while I waited for my Fickle Pickle to grow and I trained a first generation Polar Cat to adult, one of my failed hatches to teen (to get a pet with spritly on another wizard, he is now on my Myth), and a bit of experience on my Skeletal Knight that I got October last year from a nightmare hoard.

Next I will get the Skeletal Knight to Adult and start traing my Shardtail dragon so I can get a fragmented dragon. As you can see I am just getting pets to adult so I can hatch them later.

Thats all for know. I am going to finish the last side quest in my book I can do alone then I wake up at 2:00 AM tomorrow to head to the States for summer. From then on I can actually be online the same times as you guys!

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