I'm so excited

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I got my letter of acceptance today...

I applied for a program at a college. It starts in October I'm so excited :D I've worked hard to be able to get into it. It'll give me a start on a nursing degree. I want to be a flight nurse that works on the helicopters. I have to go take an entrance exam to make sure my reading and math skills are where they are supposed to be. I got confidence I can pass it. Today is awesome :D

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  1. Jas's Avatar
    Congratulations, Kes! Best of luck in your exam, you're going to do great.
  2. $eth's Avatar
  3. Ginellestrongstone's Avatar
    Happy summer!:D
  4. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I am happy for you! It's always good to see people know what they want to do in life already Best of wishes and have fun!
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